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Animal Bedding Sets

create a wild den of slumber with our animal bedding sets.

From hibernating hedgehogs, to slumberous sloths and kip-loving koalas – the animal kingdom seems to have the secret to a good night’s sleep all figured out. Nestle in the tranquility of wilderness with our eclectic animal bedding sets collection, featuring restful countryside scenery to exotic jungle vistas and dramatic animal prints. Shop the collection today.

Made in the UK from the finest 100% cotton, polyester and polycotton blend fabrics – our animal bedding sets the standard for snooze-worthy comfort. Burrow into cloud-like bedding that’s crisply fresh, ultra-hard-wearing and a breeze to clean. Most sets are machine washable, but make sure to check individual product pages for specific guidelines. Junior and single sized bedding comes with one matching pillowcase, while double, king and super-king sets come with two.

Animal Bedding Sets


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Whether you want to embrace the calming spirit of a poised wild bird, or release your inner untamed energy with an exotic jungle design – our selection of animal bedding sets is the place for you.

Many of our duvet covers are reversible, turning over to reveal a completely new design if you fancy a quick change of scenery.

From light and breathable 100% cotton to hard-wearing polyester and polycotton blends – our crisply fresh and sumptuously soft fabric will have you dozing off like a post-zoomies puppy. We’ve also got luxurious brushed cotton and high thread count options, if you’re looking to take your sleep to the next level. 

Want to know more? Our useful bedding buying guide covers all the ins and outs of giving your bed a fresh look – from bedding basics to sizing, fabrics to thread counts and more.

how to style animal bedding sets.

Possibly one of the oldest interior style features, animal designs and prints have been adorning homes since prehistoric times – and they’re not going out of fashion anytime soon. 

A trend-defying style phenomenon that has stood the test of time better than most, animal designs are the perfect addition to loud, maximalist interior styles, while offering a kick of energy that will jolt more understated minimalist spaces to life. 

Animal print bedding doesn’t have to be brash and overpowering. It can be used to great effect in introducing a dose of personality and playfulness to your space, if you’d rather keep the rest of your décor calm and neutral. Frame your bright and bold animal print bedding with classic black, beige or grey wallpaper for a sophisticated minimalist look with a tongue-in-cheek edge. Continue the neutral motif with decorative brown or natural cushions

A contemporary interior trend that’s been picking up steam recently is biophilic design. It's based on the idea that all humans have an inborn love for nature, and a core need to feel connected with it. Biophilic design is all about bringing the colours, patterns and textures of the natural world into your home. It’s been said to bring a variety of mental and physical health benefits – including reduced stress, increased productivity and better concentration. 

We’ve got plenty of homely and pastoral designs if you’d like to bring a taste of the local fauna to your bedroom, as well as exotic jungle and safari designs that tread more on the wild side. However, animal bedding sets are just one way of bringing the power of biophilic design to your interior. Focus on filling your space with organic materials, like wooden bedroom furniture, wooden lights or a minimalist wooden mirror – the more natural and unadorned-looking the better. 

Complete the look with decorative jute cushions and a woven throw to bring in some organic textures, and you’ll be pulling off a naturally rustic aesthetic that brings all the benefits of biophilic interior design.