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Beige Cushions

create a blissfully-hued hideaway with our beige cushions.

Simple never meant boring, and our selection of beige cushions is taking centre stage to prove it. Discover the sweet side of neutral tones with biscuit and rich cream hues, or go all-out earthy with grounding taupe and sand shades. We’ve got something for every room in the house, with super-soft natural cushions for your sofa and bed, and plush draught excluders to keep the breeze out. Shop the collection.

Our selection of natural cushion covers offers an assortment of plain and patterned designs that’ll spruce up any style of space. Whether you’re into funky geometrics, flourishing florals or dreamy abstract prints, you’ll find your ideal design in our collection. Choose between our hard-wearing polyester and plush duck feather fillings, or order your cushion cover separately and fill it yourself.

Beige Cushions


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Introduce the power of natural beauty to your space with our stunning selection of beige cushions. Whether you’re looking to soften up your sofa-scape, give your tired bedroom some TLC or kick your dining chairs’ comfiness up a few notches – you’ll find your perfect match in our generous collection.

Cushions are the ultimate accessory when it comes to quickly and easily upping the comfort in your space. The perfect blend of function and finesse, cushions offer irresistible sinking softness while providing a great opportunity to showcase your unique style.

We’ve got beige cushions for both the sofa and bed in a wide range of shapes, from classic squares and rectangles to quirky round options that effortlessly stand out from the crowd. Looking to keep pesky breezes from creeping under your door? Keep the cosiness up and the energy bills down with our handy range of draught excluders.

Running short on ideas? Head over to our inspiration blog for all the latest expert guides and style advice. We’ve got a detailed cushion sizing guide that’ll make sure all your measurements are matching up; a comprehensive lesson on how to clean your cushions; as well as design tutorials of how to make a showroom-worthy cushion arrangement on your sofa and bed.

what colours go with beige cushions?

Subtle and simple, warming and refined – there’s good reason why beige has been making a big interiors comeback over the past few years. Our guide to colour psychology places beige as an inspiring shade that creates feelings of soothing and relaxation, making it a perfect fit for those looking to slow down and bring a sense of tranquillity to their spaces. Its many variations mean beige is far from a one-note hue either, with sweet tones of biscuit and latte providing plenty of contemporary flair.

One of the many benefits of decorating with beige is its ability to coordinate with just about any other colour. Keep things minimalist and tonal by letting your beige cushions swim in a soothing sea of neutrals and warm natural shades. Cool grey or white wallpaper will make your beige accents feel all the more cosy, especially if made from textured fabrics like faux fur or fleecy bouclé.

If you’d rather something a little livelier, beige makes a gloriously grounding match with all manner of warming shades. Pair with dusty pastel pinks for an inviting feel or perk your space up with pops of burnt orange. If a dazzling display is calling your name, splashes of rich jewel tones like emerald green or electric blue work great to bring out the bolder side of beige.

how to style beige cushions.

You’ll be pleased to know that our natural cushion covers are a breeze to style throughout the home. Because they’re mostly neutral – with the odd colourful pattern or warming undertone – beige cushions make a versatile addition that’ll harmonise with most interior styles and colour schemes.

If you’re thinking of keeping things tonal, beige cushions are a match made in heaven with other natural furnishings like bedding or throws. Go with white or beige wallpaper in a shade that feels a bit cooler than the beige in your accents. This will allow your accents to really pop and become focal points in your space, while also lending an overall sense of depth and texture. We’ve already got a detailed guide on how to style throws around your home, so check that out for some fresh design ideas.

Earthy neutrals like beige are rapidly on the rise in the world of interior trends, so leaning into the grounded minimalist vibe is a great way of curating a cutting-edge contemporary space. Organic textures and fabrics are a big part of the look, lending your space a refreshingly rustic feel. Think jute cushions, raw wood or rattan furniture, tufted cushions and chunky knitted throws with fabric fringing or tassels.