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treat yourself to a spa-like feeling every day with our bathroom accessories.

Indulge in some ‘me’ time with our stylish bath mats and soft towel sets. Choose from a wide range of stunning colours and designs that will complement your bathroom theme, whatever your style. Whether you’re looking for something tufted for your boho bathroom or something simple to go with your modern vibe, you’ll find something you’ll adore. Shop the collection. Our bathroom accessories collection is carefully curated by our designers. Featuring stylish soft furnishings, each product is designed to keep your bathroom looking perfectly on-trend. Discover soft, thick towels in a variety of colours, from neutral dove grey to a rich jewel-toned teal. Grab a set and transform your bathroom with a click of a button. Or inject a bit of personality into your bathroom with a quirky bath mat – go for a slogan for extra cheekiness. 



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Your bathroom is a functional space, but it can be a bit of a sanctuary too. A calming space to relax and unwind at the end of the day. We’ve got loads of soft towels in a range of sizes that help add a bit of luxury to your every day, whether you’re stepping out of a bubble bath or you’re drying your face.

It should be a space you love, and what better way to add a bit of your own style than with a trendy bath mat? From cheeky slogans and jungle animals to geometric tufting and pom poms, there’s loads to choose from! what bathroom accessories do I need?

If you’re moving out on your own for the first time or you’re wondering how many towels and bath mats you actually need, you’re in the right place. We recommend that you have three sets of towels per person – one to use, one to have in your cupboard (or wherever you store your towels) and one in the wash. What’s in a set? Your choice of a bath towel or sheet (if you like to be cocooned in a towel when you’re out of the shower, go for a bath sheet), a hand towel and a face cloth. You might find that your towels need washing more regularly or that you find yourself without one – that’s a sign you need to get another set!

Read more in our towel buying guide.

how to pick bathroom accessories.

Wondering which colour to go for? There are several things to consider. What’s your bathroom’s style? All white? The perfect opportunity to add a splash of colour! Jewel tones add an element of opulence and warmth, whereas blush pinks and ochre yellows will give a modern feel.

If your bathroom has colour in it already, choose towels that complement that colour. You might have a sky blue bathroom, so you could pair that with sandy, white or gold coloured towels. Or perhaps you have a beige bathroom – why not lean into the neutrals and got for darker and lighter towels in the same colour? And remember, you don’t have to go for the same shade – you can mix and match colours!