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Bee Cushions

create a buzz with our bee cushions.

From realistic, hand-painted designs to beautiful embroidered details, our bee cushion collection has everything you need. An enduring trend, bringing a bee motif into your interiors is guaranteed to add a spot of whimsy to your space. Whether you’re looking for bright colours or country styles, you’re sure to find the perfect bee cushion with us. Shop the collection today.

Choose from a wide range of shapes and sizes, colours and designs when you shop our bumble bee cushion collection. We’ve got everything from geometric prints to watercolour styles. Most of our cushions are available as cover only, or you can purchase already filled with a polyester or feather filling.

Bee Cushions


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Discover our bee cushion collection. Featuring a wide range of designs, patterns and shapes, finding the bee cushion that you’ll love is easy. We’ve got everything from luxe velvet bee cushions, perfect for a maximalist space, to chubby bumble bees in a natural background, ideal for rustic rooms. You can choose from square and rectangular cushions, as well as draught excluders to help keep cold air at bay.

If you’re just looking for bee cushion covers, you’re in luck. The majority of our bee cushions are available as cover only, with polyester and feather fillings optional. The only cushions that come pre-filled are the tufted cushions with the sparkly bumble bee buttons.

Want even more bee accessories? Explore bedding, towels, bath mats and more in our bee collection.

the bee motif in interior design. 

The bee has been an important symbol for millennia, representing fertility, life and healing.  Representations of bees have been found on coins, jewellery and ornaments in ancient cultures like the Mayans, Egyptians and Ancient Greeks – so it’s no wonder that they’re an enduring trend for home décor too. They’ve been loved for a long time!

Most famously, the French emperor Napoleon used the bee to represent rejection of the then-monarchy. They had been using the fleur-de-lis, and his use throughout his reign mean that the bee became a popular decorative motif across the French empire. It was used on everything from bed hangings and folding screens to picture frames and clothes. It was said to be considered an emblem of immortality and resurrection.

Today, the likes of Gucci have been using bees in their home collections and that has trickled down through to other homeware designers from high street brands. Of course, the plight of bee populations in real life has sparked a love for the humble bumble bee too.

Our cushion collection features a range of different bee designs, so whatever your style, you’re sure to be able to incorporate your favourite stripy insect in your interiors. From plush velvet fabrics to natural linen, there are bees all over these cushions!