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seize the day with our stylish clocks.

Even timekeeping can be trendy with our collection of beautiful wall and table clocks. Combining form and function, our clock range can make a statement as well as keep you on time. Whether you’re looking for warm wood, shiny chrome or rustic iron clocks to suit your room, you’ll find it with us. A clock is the perfect decorative accessory for the kitchen, living room or dining room – and bonus, it helps you stay on time too.



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Clocks are the perfect home décor accessory that will keep you on your feet and ready for any meeting! Our clocks will have your home looking stylish and sophisticated and you will never be late again.

what is an analogue clock?

An analogue clock is a traditional home décor item that tells you the time. Opposed to a digital clock, it has moving hands and (is usually) marked from 1 to 12 to show you the time. Modern clocks sometimes feature roman numerals or other number alternatives. Some even have no numbers at all but rely on the positioning of the hands to indicate the time.

how to hang a clock.

Hanging a clock has never been so easy. You may need an extra pair of hands if the clock you have chosen is heavy. 

Step 1 – Hold your clock up against the wall and decide where you would like to hang it. With a pencil, create a mark on the wall at the top of your clock – this is where your nail will go. 

Do not use a pen or marker as it may be hard to remove from the wall if you make a mistake.

Step 2 – Carefully hammer a nail into the mark you have created. Make sure the wall can support the nail and the weight of the clock. For a renter-friendly option, why not try an adhesive strip hook. Again, be sure to check it can support the weight of the clock.

Step 3 – Hang the clock and voila! You’ll never be late to anything ever again!

Our wall clocks feature a hanging hook or a keyhole hanging plate on the back of their face so they can easily be placed on a nail or adhesive strip. 

when do we alter clocks?

In the UK, the clocks will change twice a year. Although dates vary per year, they will always move forward by one hour for the British summer time. Later in the year, they will move backwards, again by an hour. This is also known as ‘daylight savings’ as we make better use of the daylight available!