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Evans Lichfield Cushions

handmade with love and pride in Staffordshire, UK.

Every single Evans Lichfield cushion we sell is designed, cut and sewn in our very own factory right here in the UK. We’ve been doing this for over 30 years, and we’ve become rather good at it. Masters of the craft, if you will. Shop the collection today. 

The attention to detail that goes into producing our cushions is second to none. We have our own team of talented in-house designers that carefully hand paint all the illustrations that we use for our cushions.

With such a wide variety of cushions you can choose from popular animal designs, sumptuously soft velvets or luxurious jacquards. We even have our own selection of novelty designs.

If you’re unsure if these cushions are for you, see our Cushions Buying Guide for more information. 

Evans Lichfield Cushions


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