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Fitted Sheets

get to grips with glorious comfort with our fitted sheets.

Say farewell to tucking, refitting and fussing over folds and wrinkles with our luxury collection of fitted sheets. Whether you want to keep things light and cheery with bright florals and signature Peter Rabbit™ designs, or explore your sophisticated side with sleek stripes and clean neutrals – our selection of fitted sheets will have just the thing. Shop the collection.

Explore the collection and experience everything from high thread count cotton percale to sustainable bamboo weaves, to durable polycotton and exotic 100% Egyptian cotton. Fitted sheets are sewn with elasticated corners, allowing them to completely wrap around your mattress for a snug and secure grip. If you’ve got a thicker mattress or a chunky mattress topper, our deep fitted sheets offer a farther reach that’ll keep everything tucked in place with ease.

Fitted Sheets


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One of the most important layers in your bed for providing comfort and protection – it’s never a bad time to introduce a new fitted sheet to your bedroom. Nail the fancy hotel look with a high thread count sheet in a clean neutral shade like ivory or slate, or take a walk on the wild side with original Peter Rabbit™ designs and dazzling summer florals.

Not sure where to start? Take a peek at our bedding buying guide for the full lowdown on everything you might possibly want to know – from the basics to fabrics and thread counts, to layering up your finishing touches.

what is a fitted sheet?

A fitted sheet is a bed sheet with elasticated edges, allowing it to easily stretch over the corners of your mattress for a secure fit. The elastic makes for a much quicker and easier bed-making process, and means that fitted sheets require far less tucking and adjusting than standard flat bed sheets.

As well as having elasticated edges, a fitted sheet also has sewn corners which give it a three-dimensional quality. This means that a fitted bed sheet won’t flatten or fold as easily as a flat sheet, making the fitted sheet less neat when it comes to folding and storage.

Our deep fitted sheets offer an extra 8cm of reach, ideal for thicker mattresses or those who sleep with a mattress topper or protector.

What’s the difference between flat and fitted sheets?

While your favourite sheet will likely end up being down to your personal taste, there are a few points of difference between flat and fitted sheets that you should keep in mind.

Due to their elasticated edges, fitted sheets are the quicker and easier option when it comes to making your bed. They easily stretch over the edges of your mattress, and require a lot less tucking, folding and adjusting than regular flat sheets. If you’d rather an efficient bed-making process that saves more time for snuggling in, a fitted bed sheet is the option for you.

When it comes to sizing, fitted sheets require a more exact approach than standard flat sheets. The elasticated corners will only fit over the correct size mattress, so it’s important that the size of your fitted sheet matches the size of your mattress exactly. Since flat sheets can be folded and tucked into place, there’s a bit more room for manoeuvre in terms of matching sizes. Our bedding buying guide has a full list of our fitted bed sheet sizes, giving you the exact dimensions to match up with your mattress.