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Fluffy Cushions

snuggle into fluffy cushions.

Transform your home into a cosy cabin with our stunning range of fluffy cushions. Irresistibly soft to the touch, our furry, fleecy and fluffy cushion covers are a sure way to add cuddly vibes to your sofa-scape, bed, or chair. Discover faux fur trims and deluxe velvet reverses for extra texture! Shop the collection.

Discover a whole host of gorgeous shades to match, contrast or complement your home décor. With everything from bright fuchsia and warm rust to moody charcoal and classy cream, we have everyone’s favourite hue. And if you’re looking for something for the kids’ bedroom, you’ll find cuddlesome fluffy cushions in the shape of koalas, bunnies, and stars!

Fluffy Cushions


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Indulge in all things cosy with fluffy cushions. If you’re looking for something soft, smooth, and snuggly, look no further. Whether your sofa-scape needs an update, or you’re looking to give your bedroom the fluffy treatment – with so many luxurious fluffy cushions to choose from, you’re sure to find the one for you! 

Cushions are the ultimate home accessory to add comfort and style to your interiors. At furn. we believe it’s the finishing touches that make all the difference to a room – and with our fluffy cushions, you’re sure to add that extra layer of softness and chic to your interiors.

cushion colours, shapes + sizes.

Our fluffy cushion covers are available in an array of attractive colourways. Find pink fluffy cushions in fuchsia, blush, plum, and cranberry shades to add a little feminine freshness to your spaces. For autumnal, rustic vibes, there’s warm rust and earthy taupe. Or fluff it up with cushions in classic grey and cream shades. 

Your little ones are in for a real treat with totally cuddly fluffy cushions in novelty designs. Browse through adorable animals and shapes with bears, koalas, stars, and bunnies to sit at the end of their bed and be your kid’s new best friend! 

Our fluffy cushions are available to buy in a variety of sizes. If you want to find out how size affects how a cushion will sit on your settee – check out our guide on how to decide on the right size cushion.

fluffiest of fabrics.

Manufactured from polyester blends, our fluffy cushion covers are sumptuously soft and incredibly hardwearing. Many of our fluffy cushions are complete with plush velvet reverses and faux fur trims for texture galore! And with a hidden zip closure, they’ll sit sleekly on your settee.

Many of our fluffy cushions are available to buy as cover only, so if you’ve already got a cushion and simply want a brand-new fluffy cover for it, we’ve got you! But if you’re looking for a ready-filled cushion, we’ve got those, too! Choose between luxury feather and classic polyester inners. For more info on fillings, take a look at our useful cushion inner pads buying guide.

Not certain on which fluffy cushion is best for you? Read through our handy cushion buying guide for extra advice!

how to make cushions fluffy again.

Keeping a fluffy cushion fluffy is, of course, of the utmost importance! So, we’ve got some top tips for you to keep them feeling sumptuous all day, every day – wash after wash.

For the fluffiest of cushions, always follow the instructions on the care label – a wrong wash can completely ruin the texture. If your fluffy cushion cover is dry clean only, then the dry cleaners will do all the work for you. But between washes and dry cleans, there are a few more things you can do.

Fluffy materials can become matted and flat over time, so daily fluffing up can really help in keeping their gorgeous texture. Rotating your cushion from time to time will let the fabric breathe and stay fleecy, and shaking, squeezing, and bashing your cushion will also up the soft factor. Even letting it sit outside in the fresh air for a few hours will work wonders in keeping the fibres fluffy and feeling newer for longer.