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Luxury Bedspreads.

unfurl a five-star finishing touch with our luxurious bedspreads.

The perfect finishing touch to round off your elegant bedroom aesthetic – say hello to our drape-worthy selection of luxury bedspreads. From the premium purity of plain-dye velvet to the sparkling style of diamante crystals, to jacquard designs glistening with gold details – our collection brings the very best of bedspreads in a glorious palette of neutrals, pastels and bright jewel tones. Shop the collection.

If the lavish look and bundled-up comfort of a five-star bedroom is calling your name, there’s no better way to nail the look than by introducing a luxurious bedspread. A versatile accessory that offers a fresh layer of style, extra insulation in winter and a light alternative to a quilt in the warmer months – there’s a lot more to bedspreads than you might think.

Luxury Bedspreads


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If you’re on the lookout for a flashy finishing touch that’ll take your bedroom from fair to five-star, you won’t find a better collection than our luxury bedspreads. Whether you fancy an extra cosy layer, another addition to your chorus of bed cushions, or you just fancy giving your bedding a fresh new face – our premium bedspreads have you covered.

Looking to give your bed a brush-up but don’t know your bedspreads from your blankets? Check out our detailed guide on the difference between bedspreads, throws and blankets for a life lesson in snuggly layers.

which luxury bedspread is right for me?

Our luxury bedspreads are made from the finest quality polyester and viscose synthetic fabrics, meaning they bring sumptuous softness and serious durability all in one. They’re a perfect fit for every space, from tranquil hideaways to bustling family homes, and bring an eye-catching touch of style that’ll last for years to come if cared for properly.

When thinking about which luxury bedspread is right for your bedroom, it all comes down to what sort of look you’d like to achieve. We’ve got plain dye velvet options in a range of sleek contemporary colourways, diamond quilted bedspreads for the glam-obsessed, and traditionally regal gold jacquard designs that’ll transport you to the finest queenly palace. 

what is a quilted bedspread?

Our quilted luxury bedspreads are designed to bring new levels of comfort and opulence to your bed. While many bedspreads are made with a single lightweight layer of fabric, our quilted options are made with three. The quilting process involves sewing three separate layers of fabric together, creating a sandwich-like structure with a padded three-dimensional surface.

Quilted bedspreads are chunkier, warmer and more durable than single-layer bedspreads. They’re the perfect option if you like a bit of added insulation while you sleep, without all the extra weight and bulk of a second blanket. When the warmer months roll in, a quilted bedspread doubles as the ideal breezy alternative to a regular duvet – sure to keep you cool and comfortable through those sweltering summer nights.

how to wash a luxury bedspread.

If you’re thinking about bringing a luxurious bedspread into your life, it’s important you know how to care for it. While bedspreads have practical uses like providing extra warmth in winter or a light layer in summer, they’re still very much a style accessory. You want your bedspread to stay looking and feeling its best far into the future, and the only way to do that is by making sure you care for it properly.

With our luxury bedspreads, we recommend heading to a professional dry cleaner when you feel like yours could do with a freshen-up. Since they’re more of a style accessory and don’t come in contact with skin too often, a bedspread needs less cleaning than the likes of a bedsheet or duvet cover. We recommend dry-cleaning your bedspread roughly every three weeks, or every week if you’re sleeping directly under it.