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Marble Wallpaper

add a layer of luxe to your home with sleek marble wallpaper.

Elegant, versatile and a timeless style statement – immerse yourself in opulence with our marble wallpaper range. Choose from shimmering pearl and sophisticated grey tones, captured in textured marble swirls and finished with a metallic sheen. Durable, wipeable and non-fading – enjoy dazzling designs that stay looking their best. Shop the collection.

New to wallpapering? All our marble effect wallpaper is paste-the-wall, meaning your transformation is twice as quick and half as messy. Try before you buy with unlimited marble wallpaper samples for just £1 each, or find exactly how many rolls you’ll need with our simple usage calculator – found on each product page.

Marble Wallpaper

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Transform your home with the luxurious addition of marble wallpaper. Expertly crafted for a premium finish that’ll catch guests’ attention in any room, our swirling marble designs are finished with an embossed metallic effect that reflects light and makes your space feel bigger. Made from premium vinyl material – our marble effect wallpaper is durable, wipeable and non-fading. Meaning less fussing, and more gushing over the stunning finished product.

Our wallpaper is all paste-the-wall, using a super simple application process that’s perfect for first-timers. Just paste your wall, hang your paper and allow everything to dry – it’s that easy. Paste-the-wall marble wallpaper is also a lot more forgiving, allowing you to adjust to your heart’s content – even after it’s already on the wall.

Still not convinced, or just want to know more? Our inspiration page is stacked with state-of-the-art guides and styling tips, guaranteed to have you wallpapering like a pro. Wrap your head around everything you need to know with our wallpaper buying guide, or let us guide you through the entire process with our step-by-step how to wallpaper guide.

what goes with marble wallpaper?

Marble is a high-end building and decorating material that’s been used to convey luxury for thousands of years. From the Pantheon in Rome to the domes of the Taj Mahal and countless other majestic monuments – marble is the common thread. Want to nail this look in your home without having to construct the eighth wonder of the world? Our marble wallpaper makes it easy.

Whether you’re curating a luxe living room or seeking a soothing touch for your bedroom, our marble effect wallpaper makes a versatile addition to any space in the home. From minimalist spaces to motif-heavy maximalist schemes, marble is a style-defying finish that can look great in any space – it all depends on how you use it.

For a luxe bedroom scheme that feels irresistibly cosy, go for marble wallpaper in warm neutral shades of grey or charcoal. Cover just one wall – either behind your bed or to highlight any focal points – and pair with plain or vinyl wallpaper in a slightly darker or lighter tone. This is known as a feature wall, and will immediately draw the eye while bringing a whole new level of depth to your space.

Use marble wallpaper in the living room for an uplifting, sociable scheme that oozes opulence. Cover all the walls for an enveloping feel, and unleash your inner maximalist by scattering some quirky printed cushions on your sofa. Don’t be afraid to clash shades a little – or stick with matching patterns and complementary combinations of the shades you can’t get enough of. Marble finishes naturally reflect light, so it’s a great excuse to go all-out bright and bold!