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Mattress Toppers

discover a new layer of bedding bliss with thick mattress toppers.

Durable, firm and irresistibly soft – nothing brings comfort to a bed quite like a quality mattress topper. Whether you’re looking to soften a stiff mattress, cover up some pokey springs or give your bed the longest life possible, you’ll find the perfect slumberous solution in our mattress toppers range. Shop the collection.

A swift solution to all your sleeping troubles, our mattress toppers take beds from unbearable to blissful, from lumpy to luxurious in a matter of seconds. Fitted with 35cm straps on each corner for a snug fit, they’re designed to stay secure under heavy tossing and turning. Sink into a thick cloud of micro-cluster synthetic filling, both irresistibly cosy and completely hypoallergenic.

Mattress Toppers


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From stabbing springs to pavement-like mattresses that take ‘firmness’ a little too far – we’ve all suffered a night on a mattress that’s less than comfortable. But if that disappointing bed is the one you’re returning home to every night, sleep can start to feel like more of a chore than a calming escape. New mattresses are expensive, so what’s your solution? Enter, the dreamy mattress topper. An affordable, effective and easy way to bring new levels of bliss to your bed – it’s a no-brainer for your bumpy mattress.

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what is a mattress topper?

Mattress toppers are thick, padded layers of fabric that are placed on top of mattresses for added comfort and support. They also protect and extend the lifespan of your mattress, providing a thick layer of cushioning that absorbs wear and dirt as you sleep. Different from mattress protectors, which are generally thinner and used to prevent mattress staining, toppers are all about plush comfort.

A thick mattress topper can be a lifesaver if you’ve got a tired old mattress but don’t want to invest in a new one. Offering 5-10cm of sumptuously soft synthetic or natural filling, they’re a quick and easy fix for all your sleeping troubles. If that wasn’t enough to convince you, our mattress toppers are completely anti-allergy, keeping bacteria, dust mites and other allergens at bay so you can sleep soundly.

can you wash a mattress topper?

The short answer? Yes. All mattress toppers can at least be spot cleaned, but read over your product’s care label to see if it’s suitable for a machine wash. The good news is that our mattress toppers are machine washable up to 40°C – just make sure you remove the inner pad first.

Many mattress toppers are made from foam, or contain a natural down or feather filling that can get damaged in a machine wash, so thoroughly read the care label to ensure you’re following the correct cleaning steps.