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Pink Velvet Cushions

let love meet luxury with our pink velvet cushions collection.

Evoking charm, sweetness, romance and femininity – the colour pink has a longstanding reputation for making a statement. Couple this with the rich sensual experience of velvet, and you’ll start to get a picture of what our pink velvet cushions collection has to offer. From warm blush monochromes to audacious raspberry hues, our collection of pink velvet cushions is as versatile as it is eye-catching. Shop the collection today.

While choosing pink is certainly seen as being aesthetic statement, our pink velvet cushions collection offers much more than just a pretty face. We provide pre-filled options of hollowfibre polyester or duck feather inserts, or you can buy one of our pink velvet cushion covers separately and fill it yourself.

Pink Velvet Cushions


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Our collection of pink velvet cushions creates the perfect way to embolden your space while never sacrificing practicality. The colour pink may have somewhat of a bold reputation, but it mixes surprisingly well with other tones, and can be paired with most colours and styles to create a broad range of looks. 

what colours go with pink? 

Raspberry and hot pink shades work great in contrast with neutral darker tones like black or slate grey. The sharp burst of colour created by a pink accent can cover a lot of ground in brightening up a darker space – so, a simple pink velvet cushion can go a long way. 

Naturally, pink is a perfect fit if it’s a more eclectic or bohemian style you’re after. However, pairing pink tones with darker colours and metallics can work great for creating a more sophisticated look too. Softer shaded accents such as our blush pink velvet cushions add a serene element to greys and darker hues, but don’t be afraid to experiment with a more vibrant shade like raspberry or magenta for a bolder look. 

If you’re really looking to splash some colour on a space, pair strong shades of pink with orange or yellow. This can take the vibrancy and energy of a room to the next level, perfect for a kids’ room or a kitchen diner. 

why choose a velvet cushion?

A longstanding staple in interior design, velvet has become synonymous with feelings of luxury and relaxation. It’s stunningly rich and soft to the touch, while its shimmering aesthetic quality is infectious in evoking feelings of elegance and sophistication. 

Used and worn by various generations of nobles throughout history, such as the Medici family and King Richard II, velvet has stood the test of time and carries its associations with royalty and sophistication to this day.  As well as being a great stand-alone look, velvet pairs perfectly with plenty of looks and styles. Because of its historic relevance, velvet works great in traditional interior styles to create a sense of vintage elegance. 

The elegance of velvet, however, is timeless. So, it works great in adding a subtle splash of classical sophistication to minimalist or contemporary styles.

In terms of maintenance, velvet has gained somewhat of an unfair reputation for being fragile and difficult to clean. While we advise doing your utmost to avoid spillages and damage to your pink velvet cushions, it’s not likely to be as disastrous as you might think! Velvet is made through a complex weaving pattern, whereby threads are closely woven together in a dense pile. As a result, velvet has quite a bit of natural durability, and resists stretching and other damage too. 

Accidents do happen, however, so here’s what to do if you get unlucky: Spot-washing with lukewarm or cold water – and a small amount of mild fabric detergent – is the recommended cleaning method for velvet cushions. If a machine wash is necessary, make sure to choose a gentle cycle setting. Avoid putting your velvet cushions in the tumble dryer, as the excessive heat might cause shrinkage. Simply pop them outside in dry weather or in a well- ventilated room, and your pink velvet cushions will be perfect in no time.