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Plain Bath Mats

give your toes some TLC with our plain bath mats.

Sleek, stylish and the perfect way to spoil your feet with comfort – our bath mats bring spa-day softness right to your bathroom. Featuring free-spirited boho tassels and charming pom poms in a range of bold and muted shades, our selection of plain bath mats brings the perfect stylish addition to your porcelain palace. Shop the collection today.

All our bath mats are designed with a secure anti-slip quality, making sure you always stay steady on your feet whilst drying off. Our ultra-absorbent fabric has no problem soaking up stray splashes and puddles, and the quick-drying quality provides a fresh and dry surface for your feet every time.

Plain Bath Mats


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Tired of tip-toeing out of the shower, stressing about slips, and leaving behind a big trail of soapy footprints that it wouldn’t take a detective to follow? Our collection of stunning plain bath mats is here to help. 

Made with effective non-slip lining that’s designed to keep you steady and secure on your feet at all times – worrying about skids and falls is a thing of the past. Our ultra-absorbent fabric also means that you won’t be greeted with a toe-curling damp mat when stepping out of the shower, and our quick drying material promises a fresh and cosy experience every time. 

Featuring everything from classic rectangle mats with woven bobble designs, to round boho styles with tasseled and pom pom detailing, you’re bound to find the perfect piece to bring some elegant warmth to your bathroom.

Discover clean neutral whites and classy greys that’ll bring a luxury spa vibe to your space, or dial up the playfulness with an ochre or blush shade that’ll make your bathroom pop. 

Whatever look you’re going for, our plain bath mats are a super-soft and highly functional addition to any bathroom.

how to clean your plain bath mat.

We’ve all experienced the heartbreak that is stepping onto a waterlogged, damp, or even slightly ‘well-worn’ bath mat. 

For the sake of both style and comfort, bath mats are one item that need to be given extra special care when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Aside from this, it’s well known that bacteria and other microbes love to make their home in high-moisture environments – so a damp or unclean bathmat is a germ’s paradise.

We recommend giving your bath mat a good shaking-out every second day to stop dust, hair and other dry dirt building up. It’s also important to run your plain bath mat through a machine wash every three to four weeks (or take it to the dry cleaner’s, depending on your label’s washing guidelines).

Make sure to give your bath mat a good shake or run the hoover over it before it goes in the washing machine. This will get rid of any loose dirt, dust and hair that’s built up on the surface.

After washing, hang your plain bath mat out to dry or pop it in the tumble dryer on a low heat. Machine drying will give your bath math a luxuriously fluffed-up feel, whereas line drying is a safe and eco-friendly method to keeping your bath mat in ship-shape.