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Plain Bedspreads

luxury finishing touches made simple.

Toasty in winter, lightweight in summer and a stylish finishing touch for your bedding year-round – you’d be surprised just how much a bedspread can do. From cosy quilted velvet bordered with luxurious linen fabric, to modish diamond stitching embellished with diamante crystals, explore a selection of plain bedspreads in cool silver, sleek black and gently muted shades. Shop the collection.

Made with sumptuously soft cotton, viscose and durable polyester fabric, our selection of plain bedspreads offers cloud-like comfort that’s effortlessly elegant. They’re designed to fully cover most UK bed sizes, and even drape towards the floor for a luxury look that’s dripping with drama.

Plain Bedspreads

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Whether you’re looking for a cosy extra layer, a quick change of look, or just some glamorous fabric to cover up your tired sheets (we won’t tell) – our plain bedspreads are the perfect easy solution. In this collection, you’ll find a refined mix of soft cotton, luxury viscose and hard-wearing polyester fabrics – giving you the ideal blend of comfort, style and durability.

Transforming your bed’s style and nailing the luxury hotel look has never been easier. Simply pop your bedspread over your duvet cover, drape it to the floor and you’ve got an instant style change-up that screams five-star fanciness.

Got a question? Our helpful bedding buying guide is packed full of handy tips, tricks and in-depth info – sure to get you on the path to building your dream bed.

what size bedspread do I need?

So, you’ve settled on the design for your plain bedspread – but what about size? Typically, bedspreads drape over the bottom and side edges of your bed, grazing the floor for a luxury look.

The size of bedspread you’ll need depends on the size of your bed. For super king-sized mattresses, we recommend a bedspread of 275cm x 275cm. For a king-sized mattress, we recommend a bedspread of 265cm x 265cm. For double beds, we recommend 240cm x 240cm for your bedspread.

Make sure to measure the length and width of your mattress carefully to ensure your bedspread ends up with the desired look. If your bed is particularly tall or is raised off the floor, factor this extra height into your measurements.

why go for a plain bedspread?

Aside from being a stylish addition to your bedroom that will help you nail the five-star hotel look, there are tons of reasons to bring a plain bedspread into your decor.

On a hygienic level, bedspreads prevent dust mites and other airborne debris from landing on sheets that come in direct contact with your skin. The average double bed can contain up to 10 million dust mites, so having the trusty defensive layer of a bedspread can go a long way. Dust mite allergies are also common, so introducing a bedspread can offer great protection if you’re struggling to enjoy a sneeze-free snooze.

If finding that glorious goldilocks zone of ‘just right’ temperature is causing problems for you, a bedspread might just be a game-changer. As a simple blanket that doesn’t require any added covering, a bedspread is extremely easy to remove, wash and care for. You can use it as a toasty extra layer in winter, and a lightweight sleeping blanket on sweltering summer nights.

In terms of design, our plain bedspreads offer a quick-and-easy style addition if you’re not feeling the commitment of a new duvet cover set. The simple, sophisticated designs make a perfect fit for any style of bed, while adding valuable layers of chic texture to your decor.