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Quilted Bedspreads

add an extra layer with a luxurious quilted bedspread.

Our lightweight bedspreads are considered decorative pieces as they add the finishing touches to a bed. Placed over the top of a duvet cover, they are similar to that of a large, patterned quilt. They are typically the full size of the bed (for most UK sizes), meaning they are able to cover everything and even drape over the edges for an extravagant look.In this collection, you will find quilted bedspreads in a variety of patterns and colours.

Quilted Bedspreads

quilted bedspreads at

Add some style, luxury and warmth to your bedroom with an irresistible quilted bedspread. Available in a variety of patterns and colours, there is something for every home!

what is the difference between a bedspread and a quilt?

A bedspread sits on top of your duvet set. It is almost like a very large throw or blanket and is commonly used as a decorative piece. A bedspread will offer you an extra layer of warmth, making them practical for wintertime.

 A quilt, also known as a duvet, is the inner padding to a duvet cover. It differs from a bedspread as it is not visible once inserted into your duvet set

So what is a quilted bedspread? The term ‘quilt’ when referring to a quilted bedspread is derived from the patchwork look of a quilt/duvet. A quilted bedspread still sits on top of your bedding just like any other type of bedspread.  

how to wash a quilted bedspread.

Our quilted bedspreads are very large and heavy weighted making them unsuitable for washing machines. However, given they are durable and of a high quality, they are considered stain resistant and low maintenance when it comes to cleaning. If they do become marked and cannot be cleaned with a gentle spot clean, we advise having them professionally dry cleaned to maintain their qualities.