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Red Sofa Throws

breathe life into your home with a red sofa throw.
Looking to make a statement with a vibrant pop of colour? Or perhaps you are just seeking some warmth on those cold winter nights? Either way, our red sofa throws will definitely be a perfect match. Browse through our variety of tones, such as autumnal rust, vintage burgundy, and vibrant berry. Your comfort awaits… Shop the collection. If you’re a fan of florals, have a taste for tassels, or prefer a plainer look, there’s no doubt you’ll find a red sofa throw right for you. Add another layer of texture to your sofa that your guests won’t be able to resist running their hands through and keep calm knowing our super durable red throws for sofas can handle a spill or two.

Red Sofa Throws


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With red being such a bold colour, you need confidence to incorporate it into your home. What better way than with a trendy, beautifully designed red sofa throw?

Create a bohemian paradise with our Jakarta Tufted Throw or bask in the autumn feel with our Irwin Woodland Fleece Throw. Of course, red isn’t just for Christmas, but it will still suit the festive season perfectly! Browse our Christmas red sofa throws to create a cosy grotto and winter wonderland. 

Wrap yourself up in a fluffy fleece throw, enjoy the warmth of a knitted throw, or live a life of luxury with a super soft velvet throw. Whatever fabric you choose, comfort and warmth won’t be something you’ll comprise on with our red sofa throws.

what colours go with red throws?

If there is one thing the colour red is good at, it’s commanding attention. Whether it’s used as stop signs, traffic lights or freshly applied lipstick, red never goes unnoticed. Decorating your home with red will bring the same wow-factor right to your doorstep.

Often associated with passion, anger and love, red can conjure up a mix of emotions. Therefore, you need to decide what sort of vibe you want your room to give

For all things romance and feminine, have your red sofa throw be an accessory for various shades of pink. Pink cushions, wall art or even a pink sofa will help you create the delicate atmosphere you so desire. 

To capture a mature cabin-feel, drape your red sofa throw over leather or wooden furniture. The pairing of red and brown is perfect for libraries, studies or even a traditional cigar room.

For regal-realness, add gold mirrors, clocks or cushions to a red room. Having red as a background to shiny gold will create the perfect 19th Century interior fit for a king (or queen!). The gold will also be brilliant at reflecting light and brightening up your room.