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Pillow Shams

get the continental look with our Euro pillow shams.

Embrace continental elegance and bring a certain je ne sais quoi to your bedroom with our pillow shams collection. From regal jacquard weaves to quaint country florals and lavish textured tufts, explore a wide range of signature designs to embellish your space with some overseas style. Shop the collection today.

Our pillow shams – often called continental pillowcases – come in a larger size of 65 x 65cm. They’re generally used as decorative pieces rather than for sleeping, and can be placed at the back of your pillow arrangement to create an illusion of height and size. If sizes have you stumped, our handy sizing guide covers everything you need to know before deciding on a pillow sham. It tells you how to measure your pillow covers and pads, as well as where to go from there.

Pillow Shams


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