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Traditional Home Furnishings.

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Traditional décor is timeless. It's an interior trend that feels familiar – because it is! Quietly understated, simple and sophisticated, traditional style home décor never seems to date. Introduce this stunning trend to your home with our charming collection featuring bedding, cushions, curtains and furniture to get you on your way. Shop the range.   Create a rich, warm and inviting atmosphere with accessories in an assortment of traditional colourways. You’ll find everything from deluxe gold and neutral cream to jewel-toned emerald and dark navy to update your spaces. Traditional décor is about texture as much as it’s about colour – discover smooth 100% cotton, sumptuous velvet, and ornate jacquard weaves.

Traditional Home Furnishings


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Traditional style home décor is no passing trend, it’s a timeless interior design style that never goes out of style. If you’re tired of changing up your décor year after year, traditional décor is the key to always being on trend – whilst still being unique, full of character, and totally comfortable.

Whether you’re looking to completely overhaul your home to incorporate the stunning traditional look, or you simply want to add a few traditional components to your rooms, with such a large and diverse selection of home furnishings, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for with us. 

Calling for luxurious details, heaps of comfort, and a varied style, traditional décor is instantly recognisable. The great thing is – it allows you to inject personality into your rooms whilst still following some rules. Typically, a traditional home includes antique accents, a minimal use of bright colour, ornate details, and symmetry to create a harmonious look. With our stunning range of traditional décor, you’ll find French influences, floral details, and soft furnishings full of splendour to bring your traditional interiors alive.

bedding + cushions

A traditional bedroom isn’t difficult to master with our wide range of traditional bedding and home accessories. Going traditional means investing in good quality and lasting materials – amongst our collection you’ll find soft fitted sheets with 200 thread counts, 100% cotton duvet sets, and luxurious jacquard bedspreads. You’ll also see crisp Oxford borders and sophisticated pillow shams for the ultimate comfort and traditional feel. When it comes to patterns, browse chintz floral and decadent damask patterns to update your bedroom.

Explore our traditional range and you’ll find cushions in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, too. Many take inspiration from nature and feature a plethora of British wildlife. You’ll see hedgehogs, hares and field mice scampering about amidst our plump cushions. With our traditional cushions, it’s not only fauna, but flora as well. Peruse a plethora of classical floral motifs to add to your seating, with cushions in dainty blooms and pretty petal prints aplenty.

curtains + towels.

A sweeping, gathered look at your window is a must-have element of traditional décor. We have deluxe pleated curtains and blinds to add volume and layers to your window recesses. Our traditional curtains and blinds are all made to order, so you’re guaranteed the perfect fit and drape. Browse through and you’ll see a myriad of colours including soft grey, moss green, and royal blue to complete your traditional look.

Delve into our traditional home furnishings and uncover an array of towels to offer you the ultimate post-shower spa treatment. Created with 100% Turkish cotton for a 550gsm thickness, they’re of exceptional quality. Plump and fluffy, they’ll look the part in any traditional bathroom. Find our towels in a variety of towel bundles to suit your needs, as well as face cloths, hand towels, bath towels, and bath sheets in emerald, ochre, and charcoal hues.

furniture + lighting.

Our traditional furniture has both French and historical influences. Find quilted pouffes and footstools that wouldn’t look out of place in Marie Antoinette’s boudoir and ornate balustrade style tables with European finesse. With shelving units, side tables, and chests of drawers made from natural pine and featuring intricate decorative detailing, you can display and stash your possessions away in true traditional style.

Look through our traditional lighting and expect to see all manner of antique accents and elaborate details. With engraved ceramics and twisted steel bases, they’ll sit sturdy and regal upon your surfaces. You’ll find ceiling lights, floor lamps, and table lamps in everything from matte black and bright white to stylish silver and beaming brass to illuminate your spaces. 

what is a traditional style home?

Traditional homes are often overlooked as old-fashioned or boring, but in reality, they’re classic, age-old, and totally timeless. This tireless trend balances the neutral, statement, old, and new to create a distinct look. Traditional décor is well thought out, inviting, and often a little formal in nature – with lots of home comforts dotted in along the way. 

When entering a traditional home, you could expect to see elaborate vases boasting bouquets of flowers, landscape paintings on the walls, and matching furniture suites. Think luxury sofa-scapes with plumped up cushions, sumptuous bedding sets and elaborate headboards, and collections of trinkets that make a house feel like a home.

how to decorate a traditional home.

A traditional style home can be set up in many ways, in other words, there are no limits! Whether you want to go neutral and luxurious or super floral, there are endless possibilities for you to create your perfect look. It can be as simple as introducing a heritage pattern like tartan or acquiring the right piece of antique style furniture.

Go for an all frills, no fuss approach and create a luxuriously neutral coloured bedroom. Try introducing a plain coloured bedspread with a scalloped fringe that drapes elegantly, and invest in a soft cream headboard to prop yourself up whilst you have breakfast in bed. Place matching bedside tables down on either side for immaculate symmetry and grace your window with beige roman blinds. And for a homely touch, pop photos of your family and friends to the windowsill.

Florals are totally traditional because they’re decorative and beautiful in design. Consider bringing it into your interiors through cushions, sofas, and even still life paintings. You can wallpaper the walls with them, enjoy them on your curtains, or even your rugs. Make sure you keep to a colour scheme here – otherwise you run the risk of it looking chaotic. Choose accent colours to let the room and blooms really pop.

For more inspiration on realising your ideal traditional décor, check out our blog post on how to create a timeless décor.