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Water-Resistant Cushions

unwind in rain or shine with water-resistant outdoor cushions.

The ideal solution for splashes, spills and the mood swings of British weather – take the stress out of summer styling with water-resistant cushions. Discover stunning signature designs, from majestic beasts and tropical leaves to clean colour blocks. Upgrade your outdoor seating with a standard size, or bring comfort to every surface with a large floor design. Shop the collection.

From vibrant neon plain-dyes to exotic floral and animal designs in a variety of gorgeous hues – our water-resistant outdoor cushions are the ultimate summer accessories. Woven from comfortable and hard-wearing polyester, they can easily withstand everything from spills and showers to the sun’s UV rays. Our unique designs are made right here in the UK at our Yorkshire studio, from sizzling summer prints to abstract swirls that effortlessly draw the eye.

Water-Resistant Cushions


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Say goodbye to mouldy, mildewed, and damp-smelling fabric, and say hello to the worry-free reliability of water-resistant cushions. Made using quality 100% polyester for the perfect combination of style, comfort and durability – their tight synthetic weave means your cushions will stay looking their best for many summers to come. They’re also resistant to UV rays, so you don’t have to worry about your cushions fading or bleaching in the sun. Our standard-size water-resistant cushions are perfect for cosying up with on your garden sofa, while our 70x70cm floor designs are great for lounging on the lawn or taking with you on the road.

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how to clean water-resistant outdoor cushions.

Whether they’ve been gathering dust in the garden shed or a splash of coffee has left an unsightly stain – we’ve all needed to freshen up our water-resistant cushions at some point. Regularly cleaning your cushions will keep them looking, smelling and feeling their best over time, so it’s certainly not something we’d recommend overlooking.

Before you attempt to clean any kind of fabric, we always recommend carefully reading and following the care instructions on your product, in case it requires any unique treatments. Our water-resistant cushions are made using durable 100% polyester, for example, which cannot be machine washed but is one of the easiest fabrics out there to wipe clean.

Once you’ve figured out which cleaning method to use, it’s time to gather your supplies. To spot clean our water-resistant outdoor cushions, you’ll need a mild fabric detergent, a soft-bristled brush, a clean cloth, and a basin or hose for rinsing. If you’ve got one lying around, a vacuum cleaner (ideally with an upholstery attachment) will help to remove surface-level dirt.

Next, find a flat, clean surface with plenty of open space. Remove the cover from your water-resistant cushion, as you don’t want any moisture coming in contact with the inner pad. Run your hoover over the cushion cover to lift any loose debris, or just give it a good old-fashioned shake. Then, dissolve your mild detergent (20%) in a solution of warm water (80%) – making sure to spot-test the solution in case it causes any damage. Gently scrub your water-resistant cushion cover with the soft-bristled brush, paying particular attention to any stained areas.

Rinse the cover with your garden hose or basin of water, and check to see if the stains have lifted. Wipe off any excess water with a clean towel, and leave your water-resistant cushion cover to dry outdoors.

Got a stubborn blemish that’s refusing to come out? Check out our full guide to cleaning outdoor cushions for expert tips on tackling tougher stains.