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5 pieces we think you'll love this autumn

Summer is officially over and we have never been more excited to embrace the autumnal festivities that are ahead of us. Bring on the conker collecting, trick or treating, pumpkin picking and all of the other merriments autumn has to offer. That also means it is now time to introduce some autumnal colours and inspiration into your home. To help you out, we have selected 5 pieces that we think you will absolutely love this autumn!


Forest Fauna Woodland Cushions

Add some warmth into your home with one of our beautifully embroidered forest cushions. With four different colours and three types of animals to choose from, we are certain one of these autumnal cushions will be perfect in your home. If cosy is what you’re looking for, the rich autumn colour palette, golden embellished animals and piped edging of this cushion is exactly what you are looking for. Pair them with some additional cushions in complimentary colours to complete the look. We stock over 1000 cushions so we're sure you'll find the perfect ones for your home!



Luna Wood Duvet Set

Starting off, we have the Luna Wood duvet set which is the perfect duvet set for autumn. Featuring angelic moths, dainty mushrooms and woodland leaves curling together, the Luna Wood design is an enchanting scene capturing the magic of nature. The mixture of earthy tones included in the print can be easily complimented with a variety of autumnal colours if you wanted to add cushions or throws. The charming print also covers the reverse against a subtle pink base so you can switch the look if you prefer a softer tone.



Harlow Throws

Can you ever have enough throws in your home? We don't think so either! And our range of Harlow throws means there is a colour to suit any space. Choose between a variety of delicate pastel tones that would be the perfect subtle accessory in a bold, patterned room. Or, if you'd rather embrace the autumnal trends this season, you can opt for a deep earthy tone to add a dash of colour to your home. 

Created with heavyweight fleece fabric this throw is perfect for wrapping yourself up in during colder months and is wonderfully soft.



Richmond Botanical Woodland Duvet Set

Add a natural touch to your home with this bold, yet delicate duvet set. A soft and elegant alternative to traditional stag motifs, this design features woodland animals. The charming fallow deer within the print are emerged alongside seasonal foliage and a reversible floral design in tonal colours. The woodland features of this bedding make it the perfect duvet set for autumn.



Dinari Cushions

Our Dinari Cushions feature graphic cut velvet with shimmering highlights of metallic tones filtering through the design and adding a rich luxurious touch. The design of these cushions almost resemble the unique structure of a leaf, making them the perfect accessory for autumn. Complete with a bold contrasting reverse in soft velvet fabric, this cushion is perfect to compliment an array of textures and tones. We also think this cushion is the perfect choice for autumn given the variety of earthy colours they are available in. 



And don't forget... now that the weather is much colder, its time to introduce some practical furnishings into your home too. 


Swap your quilt to a higher tog with our Cosy Home Quilt; available in a single, double, king and super king, it is filled with a special type of lightweight hollowfibre polyester. As the name suggests, each strand of polyester is hollow, which traps air inside and retains heat. We think the 10.5 or 13.5 would be an ideal choice for the autumn season, depending on how easily you feel the cold. But if you are still unsure, you can decide by reading our handy Quilt Tog Guide.

Draught excluders

Our Draught Excluders are the perfect way to keep out the cold. Often known as a ‘door snake’, is a long strip that is placed in the bottom crack of a door or window. They are predominantly used to eliminate any cold draughts that can pass through exposed gaps and to prevent any heat loss within the room. Designed as a long, thin fabric cover, our Draught Excluders are filled with a polyester inner pad similar to the ones we use in our cushions.