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7 cosy autumn home decor ideas.

A selection of moss, olive and forest green cushions stacked on a wooden chair with a green throw draped over the arm, in a room with beige walls and a beige rug.

get your home harvest-ready with our cosy autumn home decor ideas.

And just like that, another summer slips on by. After three solid months of seaside lounging, slathering on suncream and staking our lives on the breeze of a bedroom fan – a cosy autumn feels more welcome than ever. We’re all due a snug night by the fire with a heavy mug of hot chocolate in hand, and thankfully, that’s just become socially acceptable.

From hearty earthen hues to the toastiest of twilight textures, we’ve got autumn home decor ideas that’ll transform any space to a paradise of pumpkin patch cosiness.

how to make your home cosy for autumn.
A cosy bed decorated with autumn home decor, including a white duvet cover, a woven rust throw, a velvet brick red cushion, a white bouclé cushion and a woven tray holding autumn trinkets. A bedroom decorated with cosy autumn home decor, including pale grey walls, a furry white rug, a bouclé knot cushion, bed cushions, throws and a desk.
@athomewithnic | @its_all_about_the_house

Giving your home that perfect autumn glow doesn’t come easy, and it’s certainly a challenge you’ll need to attack from all angles. Think about what gives you that homely harvest feeling – a crisp morning’s trip to the pumpkin patch? Snuggling by the fire with a cup of cinnamon tea? The glorious, earthy scent-scape of an evening’s forest stroll?

"Autumn is when our desire to feel cosy really fires up, so it's a perfect oppurtunity to start reflecting that feeling in your decor" advises Suzi, Design and Development Manager at "Warming textures, plenty of layers and an earthy palette of autumn hues are must-haves for the harvest season".

Find what sets your fallcore heart aflutter, and try to harness that feeling in how you style your home. If colour’s your thing, use earthy hues of burnt orange, moss green and warming pine-wood browns. Taken by textures? Layer up with cushions, throws, duvet sets and more. There’s no exact formula for the ideal autumn home, so the key is creating something you just can’t wait to snuggle up in.

cosy colours.
A selection of autumn themed green scatter cushions, including a quilted velvet cushion, floral and mushroom designs, scattered on a white surface with a coordinating green throw.
Green Cushions

The best autumn home decor ideas are ones that create a powerful mood of peace, and using a carefully selected colour scheme is one of the easiest ways to do just that. Classic autumnal hues range from reddish, rusty oranges to rich mustard yellows, golds and greens to warming russet browns.

Think of any colour that reminds you of kicking off dewy hiking boots, flicking on the kettle sinking into a mountain of blankets and cushions – you probably won’t be too far off.

Two autumn style cotton cushions with abstract geometric and textured designs, displayed on a wooden bench next to a brown crinkle cotton throw in a storage basket.
Helm Organic Look Cotton Cushion

Does this mean you’ve only got five colours to choose from? Absolutely not. A toasty autumn interior is only limited by your imagination, so don’t be shy about experimenting with unorthodox shades.

"Earthy browns, greens and pumpkin spice oranges are all gorgeously autumnal hues - but don't be afraid to switch it up with a splash of something different" Suzi advises. "Shining shades of sapphire, turquoise and emerald green are ideal for bringing a vibrant touch of magic".

A splash of black brings plenty of drama, dusky blues and pinks are bright but moody, and purple is known for its magical associations in colour psychology.

tender textures.
A selection of bouclé autumn home furnishings, including a white, red, brown and grey cushions, arranged on top of a green bouclé throw.
Bouclé Cushions

Sure, colours are important – but you can’t exactly burrow your way into a big, plush pile of them, can you? That’s where texture comes in.

 Napped surfaces, chunky knits and blissful bouclé yarns are just some of the snuggle-worthy options up for grabs, bringing your cosy autumn fantasy to life with a simple tousle, throw or scatter.

A selection of autumnal fleece throw blankets, including neutral throws, and earthy blankets with autumn floral designs.
Fleece Throws

The great thing about texture is that you can pretty much never go overboard with it. Unlike colours, textures tend not to clash, increasing visual depth and interest the more you layer them.

Bouclé cushions ooze autumnal cosiness, and pairing them with a knitted throw or toasty sherpa fleece blanket will only add to the snuggly vibes.

If an opulent autumn is calling your name, try experimenting with lavish velvet cushions, faux fur throws and homely raw wood furniture.

fabrics to fall for.
A selection of country style autumnal cushions, including a plain red cushion, a green cushion with an intricate owl design, and a tasseled floral cushion, arranged on a white couch next to a gold throw with a check pattern.
Hawthorn Owls Cushion

What comes to mind when you imagine autumn fabrics? Chances are, you’ve already got a good idea.

The season marks the beginning of serenely snug nights by the fire, so it would only make sense that cosy fabric designs are king when it comes to autumn decor ideas. We’re talking woolly finishes, quaint country florals, charming tartan checks and much more.

@Wild Garden Mushroom Repeat Cushion in Gold

Look for patterns inspired by natural autumnal staples like fungi or tree leaves, sticking with an autumnal colour pallet to avoid things feeling too brash and summery.

"Forest foliage designs are big this year, and mushroom motifs seem to be leading the pack" says Suzi. "It's rustic, boho and cottagecore all rolled in to one - and makes the perfect on-trend accessory for autumn".

Our Wild Garden Mushroom Cushion in Gold uses folky hand-drawn mushrooms and leaves to capture that coveted autumn charm.

an ambient glow.
A champagne coloured table lamp with a black velvet lampshade, placed on top of two books on a dark wood surface.
Mercurial Champagne Table Lamp

If one thing’s for certain, the oppressive glare of the big light has no place in any cosy autumnal space. Smaller fixtures like table lamps and task lights will emit that glorious autumnal glow you’re looking for, and are the perfect option for creating a cosy fireside feel.

A layered lighting scheme with multiple fixtures allows you to tailor a room’s radiance to suit any mood, activity or time of day – so make sure you’re not relying solely on ceiling lights.

Two antique style lantern table lamps of different sizes, placed on a white wooden floor in front of a white chair and a collection of chopped logs.
Antique Style Lantern Lamp

A lantern-style table lamp is perfect for flicking on through the twilight hours, casting a rustic glow over your space that gives just the right amount of visibility.

Twinkling fairy lights are always a great option, and look all the more autumnal when strung up on a leafy garland or decorated mantelpiece. If your lighting takes 60watt bulbs but feels a bit too bright, consider using a 40W option for more of a smouldering shine.

warming windows.
One side of a pair of brown heavy chenille curtains, grazing a wooden floor decorated with a rug, next to a red wall.
Heavy Chenille Curtains in Brown

Who said curtains and blinds were purely functional? When it comes to crafting your dream autumn hideaway, what you put at your window spaces can make all the difference.

Drawing your curtains, shutting out the moonlight and enveloping your space in a soft glow of interior light is a rite of passage for any cosy-obsessed decorator – so make sure you’re not overlooking them.

A pair of eucalyptus green thermal blackout curtains, half opened to reveal an outdoor scene, in a white-walled room with a red chair, a woven rug, a wooden side table holding a lamp, a potted plant and a framed piece of wall art.
Dawn Thermal Blackout Curtains

Velvet curtains feel heavy and luxurious, making them ideal for clinging onto a cosy vibe once temperatures start to drop.

Thermal curtains and blinds are great for keeping chills out while clinging onto valuable indoor heat, coming in a variety of rustic designs and harvest hues that exude pure autumn snugness.

a scent-scaped sanctuary.
A bergamot, honey, plum and tonka scented glass candle, set on a pink surface with a honey dipper, bergamot petals, plums and tonka beans.
Bee Deco Devine Scented Candle

While it might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about how to make your home cosy for autumn, scent is a vital part of any holistic interior.

Think of crisp caramel apples, the earthy perfume of pumpkin patches or the softly spiced sweetness of a fresh cinnamon stick – a more autumnal vibe is hard to imagine.

A collection of amber, cinnamon and mandarin scented home fragrance products, including reed diffusers, scented candles and room sprays, arranged in a woven storage basket on top of a rust coloured woven throw.

Scent-scaping your home isn’t as daunting as it sounds, and can be as easy as scattering freshly-picked blooms or some fragrant finds from your morning walk in the woods.

Having a nice home fragrance set on hand allows you to sweeten up your space as soon as the mood strikes, whether that’s a reed diffuser, a simple room spray or the quintessential scented candle.

natural touches.
A selection of brick red, orange and yellow scatter cushions with various textured finished, arranged in a single pile alongside three sunflowers in a vase.

Autumn home decor ideas tend to revolve around creating an organic feel, making your space feel unrefined and in touch with nature – and what better way to do that than with some charming trinkets from the great outdoors?

The benefits of organic accessories are pretty much endless – they’re completely sustainable, totally free, and require little to no effort to set up.

A bedroom decorated in a cosy autumn style, with a burnt orange and white striped duvet cover set, soft novelty pumpkins, brown bed cushions, natural autumn leaves and a decorated side tables.

Introducing a natural touch to your autumn interior can be as simple as picking some wildflowers or foliage on your evening walk, and taking them home to dry in an old book or on your clothesline.

Acorns, chestnuts and conkers all start falling around this time of year too, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled while enjoying those splendid autumn sunsets.