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the Halloween edit: as seen on Instagram.

Three Halloween cushions with abstract, witchy printed designs, arranged on a blue sofa with a white throw.

as spirits prowl and pumpkins gleam, let’s set the stage for Halloween.

Well, would you look at that – the spookiest time of year has all but crept up on us. The cosy autumn vibes are building towards their inevitable creepy climax, and we feel as ready as ever to embrace the witching hour in all its hair-raising glory.

While we’ve been unleashing our latest Halloween creations, our glamour ghouls and goblin-fluencers have been working hard on their spooky seasonal interiors. We’ve claw-picked some of our favourite fiendish designs, from pure crypts of cosiness to homes hell-bent on horrifying.

So, strap yourselves in and enter if you dare – you’ve never seen haunted houses quite this chic. 

gloriously gothic.
A charcoal Halloween duvet cover set with a tufted skulls design, made on a bed with black bed cushions, a black headboard and black walls.

Halloween is all about creating a haunted vibe, and we can’t find anyone working the graveyard shift quite as hard as @project_thirteen_

Our skulls tufted duvet cover is the star of this sinister scheme, offering a frightening focal point that’s only enhanced by a coven of black bed cushions.

A charcoal Halloween duvet cover set with a tufted skulls design, made on a bed with an ornate black headboard, coordinating black cushions and a decorated side table, while a cat sleeps on the bed.

Bright bursts of metallic gold and silver will keep your all-black interior from falling flat.

They’ll also create a spooky sense of elegance, as if you’re spending the night in your very own gothic mansion. Our advice? Tuck in tight – and don’t look under the bed…

the pumpkin patch.

Cosy, earthy and full of eye-catching colour – the pumpkin patch aesthetic is for the self-confessed scaredy cats this Halloween. Let’s face it, the dark and brooding vibes aren’t for everyone, and certainly aren’t the only way to ready your home for the spooky season.

@fantasywithfaye hits the sweet spot with this gloriously autumnal setup, from the rusty tones of our irwin woodland throw in rust to the delicious spiced aromas of our wildlings home fragrance gift setScent-scaped movie night, anyone?

An autumnal living room decorated with a brown sofa, a monochrome rug, an amber dip dye style cushion, and various autumnal accessories.

Our mizu dip dye cushion in amber is the silver bullet in this snug living room arrangement by @gingerhearts.

It perfectly complements the cosy fireside feel, and really comes to life through a carefully-selected spread of pumpkins, pinecones and earthy autumnal accessories.

classically creepy.
Three Halloween themed plush toys arranged on a bed with a tufted pumpkin duvet cover set and a coordinating throw with a ghost design.

If an unorthodox spin on the spooky season isn’t tickling your talons, don’t worry – we’re suckers for the classic Halloween look too.

Take a peek at @thekings_home’s creation for a menacing masterclass in how it’s done. From our pumpkin tufted bedding to the crafty addition of paper poltergeists overhead, this is one bedchamber you won’t be trying to escape in a hurry.

A bedroom with a subtle Halloween theme, including a white tufted ghost duvet cover set and a coordinating ghost plush toy.

Or, hold the colours and keep all the creep-factor with a petrifyingly pared-back look like @homeofneddy’s.

Our ghost tufted duvet sets the perfect spooky scene, with intricately woven phantasms as cuddly as they are blood-curdling.

the witch's brew.
An emerald green duvet cover set with an embroidered quilt velvet design, arranged on a bed with a black headboard, black walls and a black side table holding a lamp.

From goblins and ghouls to the skin of Frankenstein’s monster, the colour green is inseparably linked with all things spooky.

While it might not be the first shade that springs to mind when you think of Halloween decor, green makes an eerily sweet pairing with everything from oranges to whites and macabre midnight blacks.

A closeup image of an emerald green pillowcase with an embroidered quilted velvet design, arranged on a matching duvet cover in an all-black bedroom.

Our palmeria velvet duvet set in emerald has completely transfigured @danniedarko_’s bedroom into a wailing witch’s lair, complete with breathtakingly black bedframe and accessories to boot.

Simple and clean with undeniable notes of eeriness – it’s a perfect Halloween look that’ll still look great in every other season.

uncannily abstract.
A maximalist living room with an abstract gothic design, including a gallery wall of maximalist art, star-shaped cushions and abstract designs.

From the surrealist world of David Lynch’s Eraserhead to modern tales like Hereditary and The Lighthouse – the abstract has always played a major role in how we view horror.

Halloween doesn’t have to be all fake blood and jack-o-lanterns, and we’ve got plenty of frightful furnishings that play on the more unsettling side of spooky season.

An abstract gothic style bedroom decorated with a pink abstract eye duvet cover set, a tufted boho throw with ochre tassels, abstract bed cushions and a range of gothic accessories.

Our theia abstract eye duvet in blush is put to spine-chillingly good use in this spooky sleep sanctuary by @inside.number.twelve.

The subtle additions of our astrid cushion in black and our boho tufted throw in ochre make for a lycanthrope-approved collection of layers. No faux cobwebs, no shimmering spiders – this look’s for lovers of cerebral, sinister spooks.