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bedding size guide.

A moss green duvet cover set with an embroidered floral design.

tailor-made snoozing, anyone? our ultimate bedding size guide solves all the measuring mysteries.

In an ideal world, buying bedding would be a stress-free process of style and self-expression. We’d choose our favourite fabrics, fall in love with a design, find a cracking colour combo, and that would be it – not a worry in the world. Unfortunately, our world is far from perfect, and finding the ideal bedding means dealing with a lot of technicalities. Your biggest challenge? Sizing.

From mattresses to bed sheets, quilts and duvet covers, finding the perfect fit can be a struggle if you don’t already know what you’re looking for. Whether you’re starting from scratch with a brand-new bedframe, or searching for a sheet that’ll fit snugly over your mattress – our bedding size guide makes finding the right fit easy.

UK bedding size guide.

In the UK, bedding sizes refer to the size of mattress they’ll fit over. There are four standard bedding sizes:




Super King.

There are some in-between bedding sizes, too – like toddler (small single) or small double – but most mattresses fall into one of the big four categories.

"Knowing the size of your mattress is crucial if you want your bedding to have a satisfying, perfect fit" advises Suzi, Design and Development Manager at "Whether it's bed sheets, duvet covers or quilts, you don't want bedding that's springing off your mattress or so baggy it looks wrong".

We’ve listed the mattress measurements for each UK bed size below, from toddler sizes through to spacious super kings.

what size is toddler bedding?
A toddler playing on a beige duvet set with a printed Peter Rabbit design.

Toddler (or junior) bedding fits mattresses of 70cm width and 140cm length, just shy of the standard single size. Toddler beds are recommended for children between the ages of 2 and 5 years, providing an important steppingstone between a cot and a single bed.

Many cot beds use the same size mattress as toddler beds, so you might not even need to buy a new mattress if your little one has started shooting up.

what size is single bedding?
A single bed dressed with pink bedding, a selection of pink and blue scatter cushions and a bright blue geometric throw.

Single bedding is designed for mattresses of 90cm width and 190cm length.

It’s an ideal size for kids aged 5 and upwards, or for use in guest rooms and apartments where space is at a premium.

what size bedding for a ¾ bed?
A small double bed dressed with off-white bedding, coordinating throw cushions and a grey tasseled throw.

¾ beds, also known as ‘small doubles’ or ‘large singles’ (just to make things extra confusing!) use mattresses that are 120cm wide and 190cm long.

They’re common in Uni dorms, studio apartments and other tight spaces, but bedding for small doubles isn't too widely available. Double bed bedding will fit a ¾ bed fine for the most part, but make sure to get exactly the right size if you’re using a fitted sheet.

what size is double bedding?
A double bed dressed with orange Tibetan tiger bedding and three textured scatter cushions.

Double bedding is designed for mattress dimensions of 135cm (width) x 190cm (length).

Although the same length as a single mattress, double beds boast an extra 15cm of width – perfect for couples, restless sleepers and those who love stretching out for a starfish-style snooze.

what size is king size bedding?
A king sized bed dressed with a geometric duvet cover, a green bed cushion and a woven olive green throw.

In the UK, king size bedding is designed for mattresses of 150cm width and 200cm length.

The second-largest size available, king beds are ideal for those who like a bit of spacious luxury while they sleep.

what size is super king bedding?
A waffle textured cotton duvet cover in an earthy beige shade, dressed on a bed with a green throw.
Waffle Textured 100% Cotton Duvet

For super king bedding, you’ll need a mattress that’s 200cm in length and 180cm in width.

The epitome of splendorous sleeping, super king beds are vast, expansive and opulent – pairing perfectly with a rich cushion arrangement or sweeping bedspread.

a quick UK bedding size guide:

Bedding SizeMattress Measurements (W x L)
Toddler70 x 140cm
Single90 x 190cm
Double135 x 190cm
King150 x 200cm
Super King180 x 200cm

Remember, these are just mattress sizes, so make sure to factor in the dimensions of your frame if you’re measuring for a new bedspace. Once you’ve figured out what size mattress you’ve got, finding the rest of your bedding becomes a whole lot easier.

bed sheet sizes
A white cotton bed sheet with a vertical striped pattern in a grey shade, made on a bed with matching pillowcases. A grey cotton percale fitted bed sheet placed over a mattress on a white bed frame.
Hebden Striped Fitted Bed Sheet | 200 TC Cotton Percale Fitted Sheet

We’ve all experienced the living hell of a fitted bed sheet that just won’t stay in place. Wrestle it over one corner, and it pops right off another – before you know it, you’re sweaty, disgruntled, and rethinking whether fresh sheets are worth it at all. Let’s take a deep breath…

Start by deciding whether you want a flat bed sheet or a fitted one. "Flat sheets are the standard choice in most high-end hotels, because they're a lot easier to store, fold and have a luxury feel" says Suzi. "If you tend to feel chilly in bed, flat sheets make a great extra layer between you and your duvet". Fitted sheets are popular because of their elasticated edges, which make them a lot less fussy to fit and change.

Fitted sheets usually have a depth measurement, because they have built-in elastic structures that will only fit over a certain mattress thickness. Measure the thickness of your mattress from the top seam to the bottom – if it’s thicker than 30cm, you should use a deep fitted sheet.

If you’re using a mattress topper, protector, or anything else that adds to your mattress’ thickness, don’t forget to factor it into your measurements.

a guide to UK bed sheet sizes.

Sheet Size

Fitted Sheet Measurements (W x L x D)

Flat Sheet Measurements (W x L)


70 x 140 x 15cm



90 x 190 x 32cm

180 x 254cm


135 x 190 x 32cm

230 x 265cm


150 x 200 x 32cm

275 x 275cm

Super King

180 x 200 x 32cm

305 x 275cm

quilt sizes.
A white anti-allergy quilt made messily on a bed without a duvet cover. A luxury hotel quality white quilt with a duck feather filling, rolled up and displayed on a bed with a grey pleated bedframe.
Essentials Anti-Allergy Quilt | Luxury Hotel Quality Duck Feather Quilt

Got a quilt that needs a cover, but not sure which size you need? Knowing your quilt’s size is always handy, whether it stops you from buying a loose-fitting cover, or saves you the pain of just-too-short sheets that don’t quite cover your toes.

"Going up a size in your quilt will make your bed feel a touch more luxurious, but you don't want it pooling on the floor" Suzi advises. "Measure around the full width of your bed from floor to floor, and the full length from headboard to floor, to make sure you're getting the best possible fit".

a guide to quilt sizes in the UK.

Quilt Size

Quilt Measurements (W x L x D)




135 x 198 x 5cm


198 x 198 x 5cm


228 x 219 x 5cm

Super King

260 x 220 x 5cm

duvet cover sizes.
A jungle green duvet cover set with a printed tiger design, dressed on a bed to reveal the black and white reverse design. A brick red duvet cover set with a white crane and geometric chain link design, dressed on a bed with a two contrasting scatter cushions.
Wildcat Duvet Cover Set | Avalon Duvet Cover Set

Finding the right duvet cover is already difficult enough without having to worry about size. Phrases like ‘double duvet cover’ and ‘king size duvet cover’ don’t help much if you’re unsure of your mattress or quilt size in the first place.

This table breaks down every duvet cover size into exact measurements, leaving no room for error on your quest for the perfect fit. Measure your quilt and find the closest match, or find out which size category your current cover falls into.

a guide to UK duvet cover sizes:

Duvet Cover Size

Duvet Cover Measurements (W x L)


120 x 150cm


137 x 200cm


200 x 200cm


230 x 220cm

Super King

260 x 220cm