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7 incredible benefits of 100% cotton bedding


Cotton is one of the world's most widely used fabrics. It has so many amazing benefits for clothing, bedding and more.

A good night’s sleep is important for your wellbeing – both your mental and your physical health. It means that you can perform at your best throughout the day. So how do you make sure you get a good night’s sleep? You invest in your bed. From your mattress and your duvet to your choice of bed linen, every element is vital.

When it comes to your bedding, for a comfortable night’s sleep, cotton should be your first choice. Why? Let us count the ways…


1. it’s breathable.


A bedroom with a brick red waffle duvet cover set, coordinating tufted cotton cushions, and a black and white textured throw.
A bedroom with a brick red waffle duvet cover set, coordinating tufted cotton cushions, and a black and white textured throw.

Photo credit: @homebythestation | Products: Waffle Textured 100% Cotton Duvet Cover Set in Red Clay, Esme Tufted Cotton Cushion in Ginger.

Cotton is a natural fabric that absorbs moisture and allows air to circulate, making it a perfect option for bedding. As you sleep, your body will heat the air around it. It may mean that you start to sweat! Luckily, cotton’s breathable qualities mean that it will absorb any sweat, let the heat can escape away from your body and keep you at a comfortable temperature.

It's breathability will keep you airy and cool in summer and warm and toasty in winter. What more could you want from your bedding?

2. it’s soft and comfortable.

A striped cotton duvet cover set in a khaki green shade, made on a bed in a neutral room with wood flooring.A closeup image of a striped cotton duvet set in a khaki green shade, made on a bed with a grey throw and two green scatter cushions.

Products: Heaton Stripe Duvet Cover Set in Khaki.

A naturally soft and fluffy fibre, it’s no wonder that our ancestors thought to start making fabrics out of cotton. When it’s processed and woven into fabric, it makes for some of the softest material around – a perfect fit for bedding. Being comfortable while you sleep is essential, and choosing cotton bedding means that you’re in for a real snugglefest.

Looking for extra luxurious cotton bedding? Then sateen bed linen is for you. “Sateen” is a type of cotton weave structure that has a soft silky feel. And in comparison to cotton sheets made from a plain or standard weave, sateen sheets are like heaven on your skin - pure luxury!

3. it’s hard wearing. 

Photo credit: @life.home.loves | Products: Chevron duvet cover set

Cotton might be soft and comfortable, but it’s also incredibly durable. 100% pure cotton can last twice as long as man-made materials, so it really is an investment. It might be slightly more expensive, but it will stand the test of time.

If you’re looking for excellent quality sheets that are incredibly strong, check out cotton percale bed linen. “Percale” is a type of weave structure that produces a matte finish; a smooth sheet that feels crisp and cool to the touch.

4. it’s hypoallergenic. 

Photo credit: @thisonefloats | Products: Haze duvet cover set, Haze cushion.

If something is hypoallergenic, it means that it is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. Cotton is naturally hypoallergenic, mainly because of the way that it is woven. It has a tight weave, so things like dust mites, mould and other allergen particles can’t sit in the fabric. Cotton bedding creates a barrier between you and your mattress, duvet cover and pillows, protecting you from potential allergens. The breathability of cotton also means that bacteria typically doesn’t grow on it.   

This means that 100% cotton is a great option for bedding, because even people with delicate skin or allergies can go to sleep without worrying about irritation or reaction.   

5. it’s natural.

A cotton muslin duvet cover set in a natural shade, made with two complementary scatter cushions on a bed with a woven bedframeA beige cotton muslin duvet cover set in a natural shade, made on a bed in a neutral room with scatter cushions and a beige waffle weave throw.

Products: Lark Cotton Muslin Duvet Cover Set in Natural, Lark Muslin Crinkle Cotton Cushion Pecan, Canopy Throw in Natural.

Cotton is a natural fibre that comes from a plant. It’s been grown for more than 6,000 years, and we still use it for around half of the world’s textiles. The natural-ness of cotton means that it has good resistance to general wear and tear, fading and piling.

Because it’s natural, it will biodegrade a lot faster than other, man-made materials. You can even put old 100% cotton in the compost bin (though we’d recommend donating items or reusing them in another way first).  

6. it’s low maintenance.

Photo credit: @1930sarang | Products: Mohair Check duvet cover set (discontinued), Weaver Herringbone throw, Shearling Circa cushion, Mossa cushions, Medina cushion (discontinued), Dune cushion.

Cotton bedding is actually really easy to care for, and if you look after your cotton bedding, it will look after you for years to come. When caring for your cotton bed linen, we always suggest checking the care label before throwing it in the washer.

As a rule, we suggest washing your cotton sheets at 40 degrees unless the care label says otherwise. Keeping the temperature of the wash at a maximum of 40 degrees is also better for the environment.

Next up we suggest line drying your sheets as using the tumble dryer may damage the cotton threads, which could affect the lifespan of your bedding. Plus, line drying is good for the planet, and you get that yummy outdoorsy smell when you get into bed.

7. it’s great for kids.

Photo credit @homewithsisi | Products: Endangered Animals kids duvet cover set.

Kids’ skin is more delicate than adults, which means that 100% cotton is the only real choice for children’s bedding. It’s naturally soft and hypoallergenic, so you don’t have to worry about rashes or irritation. Cotton is particularly good for children with asthma too, as it’s resistant to dust mites.

Its breathability means that when kids get sweaty, the bedding doesn’t hold onto the oils or odours, making laundry day a breeze!




Header & thumbnail photo credit: @nia_does_diy | product: Brushstrokes duvet cover set (discontinued), Aquarelle cushion, Barcelona cushion.