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5 ways to create a tropical paradise at home.

So you can’t get away to your usual tropical holiday destination? Whether you're dreaming of going to the Copacabana or kicking back under the palm trees, don't worry we've got you covered. We can help you transform the space you call home with our top tips to embrace the tropical interiors trend. Whether you want to create a wild statement, or inject a little flavour into your interiors, this hot trend is perfect for anyone who likes bright colours, bold jungle motifs or exotic animal prints.
So depending on how brave you’re feeling, we’ve created these five easy and achievable ways you can introduce this stunning tropical trend into your home. You’re bound to find one to suit you and your interior style.

introduce greenery and tropical plants.

Right: @the_scruff_house | Products: Palmeria cushions | Left: @tiny_victorian_home | Products: inka throw

The easiest way to achieve a tropical look in your home is through the presence of plenty of greenery and plants. If you like the idea of the tropical trend, but perhaps already have a traditionally styled interior or don’t fancy investing too much in some new accessories, you can very much still get involved and bring colour and exotic flair with some fabulous plants. A lot of tropical house plants have unusually patterned leaves or stunning bright coloured flowers that can help create a jungle statement.

It's proven that our little leafy friends help clean the air by absorbing toxins, produce oxygen and increase humidity. They also help to boost your mood, increase productivity, reduce stress and are therapeutic to care for. 

use tropical colours.

Left: @thehexagonalhouse | Products: Tibetan Tiger duvet cover set, Romilly throw | Right: @ohmyedwardian | Products: paradise cushion

Think stunning deep greens from tropical foliage, with brilliant flowers in a rainbow of colours. The typical tropical colour palette can be very eclectic if you wanted it to be. Colour inspiration should be drawn mostly from natural elements such as the sea, sky, vegetation and flowers. So if you’re not quite onboard with the jungle patterns, go for plain bright and bold colours.

a touch of the tropics is sometimes all you need.

Right: @awholenewbuild | Products: Amazonia duvet cover set, Manyara cushionsRomilly throw | Left: @fantasywithfaye | Products: tropics towel, winter woods towel

For those who are not as confident in mixing and matching bold tropical patterns, but would like to include some elements of this trend into your home,  we suggest less is more.

The key here is to carefully select which statement tropical accessories you would most like to include within your decor, and mix them in alongside others that are plain in style. You could have a tropical feature in your bedroom by featuring a statement duvet cover set, and pair it with some colour coordinating plain accessories.

Et voila, your bed will then be the main tropical focal point of your room!

go all in with an exotic wallpaper.

Right: @seoigehome | Products: Monkey Forest cushion | Left: @houseofstew | Products: Palmeria wallpaper

For those of you that fancy a complete room makeover, might we suggest opting for a statement tropical wallpaper? It’s entirely up to you how many walls you cover, some people like to go down the less is more route and only use the wallpaper for a single feature wall and paint the rest. Others feel that a room is not complete unless all walls are covered with wallpaper. At this point you might want to consider how busy the wallpaper is and what accessories you would like to pair with it.

The choice is yours, you can go extra wild with more tropical cushion designs and plants. Or perhaps the wallpaper is busy enough and therefore would prefer to complement it with some coordinating plain duvet covers and cushions. 

be bold. be brave. go wild.


Right: @missbethany.b | Product: Manyara cushionBoho throw | Left: @curatedincambridge | Product: manyara leopard cushion, weaver throw

If you’re already convinced about the tropical trend and you're raring to go, then just be bold, be brave, and go wild! Mix and match lots of stunning leafy designs, island motifs, tropical foliage, bright floral designs, and exotic animal patterns for an impactful room scheme.

Typically the tropical style is very much eclectic, so it’s a great opportunity to embrace some wild designs. Other textural elements can also be included, think natural materials like bamboo, rattan, jute. Now is your time to run wild and make your interiors into a real life tropical paradise!