Our top 10 products to help you master the jungle trend

The jungle trend is about embracing the natural environment of the jungle and inviting it into your home. Green foliage galore, plenty of rich leafy palms and botanicals, combined with some of the world’s most exotic animals.

You can easily incorporate this bold and vibrant trend into your home through your use of soft furnishings and accessories without having to completely redecorate, unless you wanted to! We’ve curated our favourite top 10 home accessories that will help you transform your home into a jungle paradise. Your hunt for some of the hottest jungle home accessories is over. Let us help you embrace this trend and become the king (or queen) of the jungle trend.

Bengal Tiger cushion - Prestigious Textiles
A stunning cushion featuring a captivating design of a Bengal Tiger on the prowl surrounded by jungle foliage. Printed onto sumptuously soft velvet, this cushion is unbelievably soft, comfortable and durable. Available in three unique colourways of safari, twilight and amazon, all featuring a coordinating piped trim. This Prestigious Textiles cushion is the ultimate statement cushion that is set to make your home roar! - Made in the UK.

Cushion pictured: Bengal Tiger Cushion - Amazon

Fernanda cushion - Linen House
A lavish and romantic interpretation of the Jungle theme. This vintage wallpaper style design comes to life with exotic birds and foliage in a luscious palette of teal, faded rose and leafy green hues. Printed on luxurious 100% cotton and complete with a cotton fringed trim. This Linen House cushion is a brighter alternative to the jungle trend.

Kibale Jungle Animals cushion - Evans Lichfield
Add some drama to your jungle interior with this moody East African themed cushion. This design depicts animals and foliage from the Ugandan rainforest in a rich and sophisticated colour palette, making it a versatile cushion for many homes. Featuring a poised monkey and Leopard surrounded by jungle foliage on a dark background, this stunning cushion has designed, printed and sewn in our UK based factory.

Cushion pictured: Kibale Jungle Animals Cushion

Twin Leopard cushion - Paoletti
A bold and vibrant design of symmetrical leopards in the African Jungle surrounded by green foliage. The ultimate statement cushion that you can pair with other jungle patterned cushions, Our Twin Leopard cushion will have no issue standing out from the crowd and will be sure to catch everyone’s attention.

Manyara Giraffe cushion - Evans Lichfield
When styling your home for the jungle trend, don’t forget to include the tallest animal in the world. A striking design of a hand painted Giraffe surrounded by beautiful tropical leaves printed onto plush velvet. Complete with a traditional piped trim and a coordinating velvet reverse. And if Giraffes are not your thing, there’s 5 other Manyara designs to choose from! This stunning cushion has been designed, printed and sewn in our UK based factory.

Cushion pictured: Manyara Giraffe Cushion

Palmeria duvet cover set - Paoletti
Featuring a luxe oversized palm design embroidered onto soft, sumptuous velvet fabric. “Velvet bedding?!" I hear you say, yes. Velvet bedding! Complete with a delicate cotton reverse to help regulate your body temperature all year round, keeping you comfortable at night. Our Palmeria duvet cover set is available in 4 stunning colours, but we think the Emerald is simply perfect for introducing the jungle trend to your bedroom.

Amazonia duvet cover set - furn.
Featuring a design of botanicals and rainforest creatures from the Amazon. If you gaze deep into the Amazonia duvet cover set you’ll see a variety of fascinating creatures among the trees ranging from exotic birds, perched amphibians and fluttering dragonflies. Our Amazonia duvet set will ensure that your bed is the epicentre of your bedroom. Style with other jungle cushions and accessories to achieve the complete jungle themed bedroom.

Duvet cover set pictured: Amazonia Rainforest duvet cover set 


Wonderplant duvet cover set - Linen House
For a sophisticated and classic take on the jungle trend, look no further than our Linen House Wonderplant duvet cover set. Featuring a variety of lucious rich tropical foliage and botanicals, this duvet cover set fulfils our obsession for indoor plants. Style with the wonderplant coordinating cushions and pillow sham for the complete sophisticated Jungle vibe. 

Monkey Forest duvet cover set - furn.
For a stylish and playful take on the jungle trend our Monkey forest duvet cover set features an exotic design of monkeys playing on vines amongst tropical palms. This full of life duvet cover set is definitely an eye-catcher that will transform your bedroom.

Siona duvet cover set - Paoletti
Take a trip to the wild side with this wild display of exotic animals amongst rich green leaves. Our Siona duvet cover set features a moody and luxurious atmosphere of a midnight green nightscape. This duvet cover set will transform your bedroom into a jungle wonderland!

Duvet cover set pictured: Siona Tropical duvet cover set 

If you're feeling inspired and ready to embrace this bold and vibrant trend and transform your home then shop our jungle accessories now.