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what is the best material for an outdoor rug?

A polyester outdoor rug with a tropical leaf design, laid on a wood deck surface below an outdoor chair.

with the highs + lows of British weather to contend with, what exactly should your outdoor rug be made from?

Stylish, hard-wearing, and ideal for bringing indoor comfort to external spaces – few furnishings tick boxes like outdoor rugs do. However, while durability is a must-have for any garden accessory, it’s safe to say that not all designs and materials are created equal.

The best material for outdoor rugs is anything highly durable and weather-resistant, as staining, rain damage and sun-bleaching are undoubtedly the biggest hazards. Polyester and polypropylene are the two most popular choices – providing style, comfort, and all the protection your rug will need.

But what about the finer details? Let’s go granular on exactly what is the best material for an outdoor rug.

the benefits of 100% polypropylene outdoor rugs.

Known for their ability to thrive in damp, rainy and humid weather conditions – nothing suits the British climate better than polypropylene outdoor rugs. They’re comfortable, naturally stain-resistant and highly durable overall, making them an ideal fit for any open-air space.

A polypropylene outdoor rug with a green and white checkerboard design, displayed on a wooden surface under garden furniture.
Checkerboard 100% Recycled Rug in Green

Our waterproof outdoor rugs are made using 100% recycled polypropylene that’s been repurposed from plastic bottles, meaning you can show some love to both your garden and the environment!

They’re resistant to both water and UV rays, so you don’t have to worry about rain, mildew, or your rug’s lovely design fading in the sun.

Woven polypropylene outdoor rug material.
Klay 100% Recycled Rug in Natural

Polypropylene’s synthetic nature makes it innately hypoallergenic, so it’s the perfect choice for anyone who suffers from sniffles or itchy skin when exposed to natural fibres. It’s also incredibly affordable and low-maintenance, needing just a quick wipe or sponge clean if any stains arise.

Lightweight and rollable for easy transportation – our polypropylene rugs are the ideal companions for beach days, park picnics and any summer adventure you can think of.

So, if you’re looking for something affordable, highly durable and eco-friendly – polypropylene is undoubtedly the best material for outdoor rugs.

The benefits of 100% polyester outdoor rugs.

When it comes to stain-resistance and avoiding fading from the sun – polyester is undoubtedly the best material for an outdoor rug. Stains have a very tough time breaking through polyester’s tight weave, while natural colourfast properties ensure it doesn’t fade or bleach easily.

A polyester outdoor rug with a printed tibetan tiger design in an orange shade.
Tibetan Tiger Indoor/Outdoor Rug in Coral

Our polyester outdoor rugs really shine when it comes to comfort and softness. Made using narrow, rounded fibres which are combined to create a tightly-knit flatweave, polyester garden rugs have a smooth, silky texture that provides cloud-like comfort underfoot. While slightly more expensive than polypropylene, polyester rugs are still relatively affordable compared to most materials.

Both UV and water-resistant, you won’t have to worry about a polyester outdoor rug getting splashed, spilled-on or damaged in the sun. While they’re also impressively quick to dry, we recommend allowing polyester rugs to fully dry indoors after heavy periods of rain – just to ensure it’ll be looking its best when the next sunny day comes along!

Polyester flatweave outdoor rug material.
Amelie Indoor/Outdoor Rug in Orange

Luckily, polyester rugs are easily foldable, which comes in very handy when stowing away or taking them on the go.

Even though they’re highly resistant to stains, our polyester outdoor rugs are still machine-washable at a maximum of 30°C. So, if there’s a particularly unfortunate mishap and your rug somehow picks up a stain, all you’ve got to do is pop it in for a quick cycle! Leave it dry, fold it up, and you’ll be back making sunny style statements before you know it. 

If you’re seeking the best in comfort, stain-resistance and non-fading properties – polyester is the best outdoor rug material for you.

how to keep your outdoor rug from blowing away.

From blustery beach days to random gusts creeping into your garden – many of us know the struggle of outdoor rugs blowing up, up and away. It’s annoying at the best of times, but an outdoor rug flailing around can quickly turn into a safety issue, especially if kids or vulnerable guests are in the picture.

The simplest way to prevent outdoor rugs from blowing away is by placing them underneath furniture. Whether it’s a coffee table, a bistro set, or strategically-placed chair legs on each corner – most garden furniture is more than heavy enough to keep your rug in place.

Rug pads or anti-slip mats are another great option for securing outdoor rugs. There are plenty of affordable options on the market, and you can even find specific designs for a range of different outdoor surfaces. Another handy benefit of rug pads is that they give you an extra cushiony layer between your rug and the ground, providing added comfort, airflow and noise reduction.

Anchor weights will keep your rug securely tied down, and are probably the best option in terms of ease and portability. Just make sure the weights are heavy enough – ideally a couple of kilos or more – as lighter materials like polypropylene may need to be secured tightly.

Ready to find your new favourite garden accessory? Take a look at our full selection of outdoor rugs, from indoor/outdoor polyester designs to polypropylene rugs woven from 100% recycled plastic.