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how to clean curtains: cleaning fabric curtains + blinds.

peony floral curtains next to mirror and plant

clean your curtains + blinds like a pro with our handy tips.

They block out the light. They create a humble abode. They can get dirty. Curtains are prone to being neglected from spring cleans purely because not many know how to tackle a curtain clean. Fear no longer, curtain and blind cleaning doesn’t have to be difficult and is actually quite a simple process.

As always, check the product care label before embarking on any cleaning frenzy and don’t go crazy with the bleach – slow and steady wins the race when dealing with delicate fabrics that you’ve invested in.

can you wash curtains?

The simple answer is yes, you can wash curtains. Whether they’re washing machine compatible depends on the information that can be found on your product’s care label, however, most curtain fabrics can handle some form of machine washing at a low degree setting. If you’re not in the lucky few who can simply take down their curtains and throw them in the wash, needn’t worry – spot cleaning is here to save the day.

plain beige curtains origami on grey wall
Beige Curtains

spot cleaning.

Spot cleaning is exactly what it sounds like; targeting specific parts of your curtains that have been stained instead of dunking the whole thing in. To efficiently spot-clean your curtains, mix a solution of mild detergent and warm water, and begin dabbing (not subbing) the affected area with a clean cloth. Repeat the process until your stain(s) have faded and the fabric is clean. Spot cleaning also makes the drying process easier, as you can hang your curtains back up to dry by your windows, or on a washing line until no longer damp.

how to clean mould off curtains.

Since curtains are close to windows and British homes are prone to humidity, the condensation that gathers on your windows can cause mould to grow on curtains. This is quite a serious issue as mould can be a health hazard, so make sure that if you spot any mould growth on your curtains, you deal with it quickly.

blue peony curtains next to wooden table and plant
Peony + Delphinium Teal Curtains

mixing a solution.

Firstly, mix a solution of mild detergent and warm water, ensuring that the solution has enough detergent to tackle mould growth but isn’t too thick. We usually recommend a 80:20 split of detergent to water. Always patch-test any solutions you have mixed on an inconspicuous patch of your curtain, away from prying eyes, in case of damage or staining.

Bleaching curtains and coloured fabric as a whole isn’t recommended as the bleach can alter the design of your curtains and cause discolouration.

carefully cleaning.

Carefully dab the mould-affected area on your curtains and repeat the process until the mould has been cleaned. For excessive mould growth that doesn’t seem to be shifting with a mild solution, it may be best to get your curtains professionally cleaned.

can you dry-clean curtains?
jungle print curtains medinilla
Medinilla Made to Measure Curtains

If your curtains have picked up a lot of stains which don’t seem to be budging while spot cleaning, it could be beneficial to have them dry-cleaned. Thicker fabrics such as velvet and chenille can be difficult to clean at home, alongside curtains that have suffered from a lot of mould growth, various spilt substances and stubborn stains.

can you wash roman blinds?

Yes, you can wash Roman blinds. Spot cleaning is usually recommended when tackling stains on Roman blinds, but some fabrics are also machine washable and can withstand low-temperature washes. Check your product’s care label for specific washing instructions to make sure you don’t get any nasty surprises.

For a quick solution to stains, mix a mild detergent solution with warm water and spot-clean the mucky area. Repeat the process until the stain has faded and you’re happy with the results. Dry your Roman blinds on a washing line or hang them indoors - we don’t recommend tumble drying any delicate fabrics.

pink floral roman blinds demoiselle
Blush Demoiselle Roman Blinds

how to remove roman blinds for washing.

To remove Roman blinds before washing, release the blind from its brackets by pushing firmly against the blind’s headrail which will detach it from the front of the brackets. Meanwhile, twist the back of the headrail downwards to unclip it. This process should be super simple, but if you’d rather double-check, contact the manufacturer of your blinds for removal specifics.

See, cleaning curtains and blinds is easy! Spot cleaning should always be the first option, then for any machine wash specifics check the care label of your product, or opt for dry cleaning if they’re in a serious state. If you’re after cleaning tips for any other home furnishings, our guides include everything you need to know.