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Made to Measure Curtains

feel curtain-certain with our bespoke made to measure service.

Whether you're supersizing your shade or struggling with a tricky bay window - enjoy a satisfyingly perfect fit with our made to measure curtains. Find your specifically tailored size with custom curtains fitted down to the centimetre, and choose from a range of luxurious fabrics, quality linings, dazzling patterns and delicious hues. Shop the collection.

Struggling to settle on just one design? Get a closer look with up to 5 FREE fabric samples across all our made to measure curtains. Embrace classic elegance with pencil and pinch pleat curtains, or make a chic contemporary statement with our stainless steel eyelet options. on offer, we’re confident there’s no window we can’t cover in style.

Made to Measure Curtains


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From classic casements to huge patio doors and big bay windows with plenty of corners – we’ve got made to measure curtains to suit any sort of window space. Our bespoke, tailored service means you don’t have to settle for the nearest size of ready made curtains. Whether you’re working with unusual measurements or simply need something bigger, our made to measure curtains offer custom fitting down to the centimetre, up to a maximum size of 500x500cm.

With countless fabrics, designs and colours to choose from, finding your ideal pair of curtains can feel like a lot to pull together. That’s why we offer up to 5 FREE fabric samples across all our made to measure curtains. Simply add a sample to your bag, and enjoy a close-up, hands-on experience with your favourite fabrics before you make the commitment of buying. Got your samples but not sure what to do with them? Check out our handy fabric samples blog post.

Our 100% blackout curtains are a light sleeper’s dream. With thick 3-pass lining, sound absorption and insulating thermal properties – they’re the ideal option for a dark, quiet and cosy night’s sleep. Our pencil and pinch pleat curtains are perfect for more traditional or luxury styles, while our sleek stainless steel eyelet curtains are the go-to option for a contemporary feel. Make your window space sing with brilliantly printed made to measure curtains in stunning floral, jungle and geometric patterns; or, keep things sweet and simple with plain and plush velvet designs.

Craving new curtains but not sure where to start? Head over to our inspiration blog for a whole host of handy guides and expert style advice. Our made to measure curtains buying guide is the ideal starting point, providing all the information needed for a successful curtain order. If you need help with sizes and measuring, we’ve got curtain measuring guides for every type of header and style.

how to measure for made to measure curtains.

Getting your measurements bang-on is especially important when fitting made to measure curtains. The beauty of bespoke curtains is that you don’t have to settle for a rough fit or round off to the nearest size, so it’s vital that your measurements are exact. We’ve already got detailed measuring guides for pencil pleat, pinch pleat and eyelet made to measure curtains over on our blog, but the main points are broken down below.

how to measure for pencil pleat + pinch pleat made to measure curtains.

Both pencil and pinch pleat curtains can be hung on either a pole or a track. While you’ll need curtain rings if using a pole, there’s no other major difference between the two – so go for whichever you prefer.

To find the width of your new made to measure curtains, all you’ve got to do is measure the length of your curtain pole or track. Simply measure from end to end, but make sure to exclude any decorative ends or ‘finials’. A common mistake is to measure the window, which will leave you with undersized curtains that don’t meet in the middle.

Your next step is to decide on the length – or ‘drop’ – of your new made to measure curtains. This is entirely up to you, and simply depends on your personal needs and taste. Short or ‘windowsill’ curtains should drop to 1cm above the window sill; medium or ‘apron’ curtains should drop to about 15cm below the windowsill, and floor-length curtains should drop to roughly 1cm above the floor. Adding 10-20cm the floor length of your curtains will create a luxurious puddling effect, which works beautifully with heavier curtain fabrics like chenille or velvet.

Once you’ve settled on your preferred drop, you can get started on measuring. If you’re using a curtain track, simply start your measurement from the top of the track. If you’re using a curtain pole, start measuring from the eyelet of your curtain rings. Measure down in a straight line until you reach your desired length. If your window is above a radiator, make sure your curtains drop at least 2-3cm above it to ensure no heat is lost.

how to measure for eyelet made to measure curtains.

Our eyelet curtains can not be hung on a track, so you’ll need to fit a curtain pole if you’re going with this option.

As always, the first thing to figure out is the width of your made to measure curtains. To find this out, simply measure the length of your curtain pole from one end to the other. Make sure to exclude any decorative ends from your measurements.

Next, decide on the length you want your curtains to be. There are plenty of options – from smart, short curtains to luxuriously puddling – so spend time settling on your favourite before you get the measuring tape out. Once you know what drop you’re going for, start your measurements from the top of the curtain pole. Measure down in a straight line as far as your desired drop requires, and record this figure as the length of your new made to measure curtains.