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let’s go behind the scenes: home fragrance edition.


Discover how we created our gorgeous home fragrance collection.

Scent is one of the most important aspects to creating a warm and welcoming home. Think about it – fragrance is among the first things you notice when you walk into a space. If you’ve made the effort to carefully curate your home décor, your colour scheme and your music, you can’t leave your home’s scent to chance!

We developed our home fragrance collection to help you set the mood in your home. Whether that’s happy, relaxed or sensual, we have a scent for you.

We talk to Anna, our Brand Manager, and take a look behind the scenes of the process.


inspired by your favourite furn. prints.

We have four home fragrances for you to choose from, all inspired by the furn. prints that you know and love. They are Bee Deco, Wildlings, Amazonia and Kindred – four very different prints that work for a range of styles. It’s easy to imagine the distinct scents they might evoke just from looking at them.

Our Brand Manager, Anna, came up with the four ‘profiles’ informed by the prints.

“I looked at a sweet and fruity scent for Bee Deco, because it’s modern and sophisticated. For Kindred, I wanted something that was light and florally – more summery and romantic to go with the print. Then something that was deep and a bit spicy for Wildling, because the pattern evokes that exotic feel. And finally, one that was botanical and organic, but soft, for the lush jungle of Amazonia.”


an all-inclusive process.

three people smelling and reviewing pots of potential home fragrance scents in the furn showroom

Anna and the Product Team developed several different iterations of these profile fragrances, and handed them over to the rest of the business to decide which were the winners, and which were the losers.

The tiny pots were laid out so everyone could test the scents. They were given a questionnaire to fill out – which ones do you like? Which ones do you dislike? Which one is your favourite?

Some of the fragrances really divided the team, and others were clearly firm favourites. We had our four scents.

Then, Anna looked at refining them to ensure they reflected the original inspiration, the prints. “Wildlings for example, it's quite spicy in terms of the colours, so I thought – let’s see if we can mould that a little bit more. So I added a bit more Amber into it, more cardamom, until we had our perfect Wildlings scent.”


perfect packaging.

a pair of hands looking through colour swatches for glass home fragrance products

So we have our scents, now what? Why, the packaging of course! We wanted to make sure that the way the fragrances are presented in your home look and feel beautiful too. The containers needed to complement a wide range of décor styles, so whatever your preferences for scent and visual style, you can find a fragrance to suit you.

All our containers are made from glass in a simple, yet elegant shape and a colour that matches the corresponding furn. print. There’s a natural wood lid, to ground the coloured glass and give it texture.

For the box, we had to feature the furn. print!


the collection.

And here it is! The final collection, after two years of development. Each scent is available as a candle, reed diffuser and a room spray, so you can keep your home smelling delightful in whichever method you like.  Perfect for the bedroom, our scents are designed to help you set the mood in any room.

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