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Home Fragrance

make every day a feast for the senses with heavenly home scents.

Inspired by some of our most renowned signature prints, our bespoke home fragrance collection infuses your home with its very own scented story. Spark serenity with a warming wax candle, restore calm with a reviving reed diffuser, or spritz your way to sensual bliss with our irresistibly fragrant room sprays. Shop the collection.

Our home scents range is modelled on some of our finest signature designs, from the tropical spice of our Wildlings range to the vanilla sweetness of summery Kindred. Journey through the fresh peppermint and citrus notes of Amazonia Botanica, or cosy up with the entrancing scents of Divine’s honey, bergamot and plum. Set the mood with a single item, or start a luxurious scent-scape with our all-in-one gift sets.

Home Fragrance
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A selection of home fragrance products and their packaging, including a room spray, scented candle and reed diffuser, laid out on a wooden table in front of a neutral sofa.
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A well-curated home is nothing without an irresistible scent establishing the mood. From cosy nights in to fresh-headed mornings – home fragrance is the backing track to each and every moment, so it’s not something to be done half-heartedly. Our heavenly collection is designed with layered scent profiles, infused with coordinating head notes, heart notes and base notes in a delicious system of harmonised aroma.

Our home scents are far from the only accessories we’ve got on offer, so don’t forget to check out the rest of our essential home embellishments. Roll out a fresh new look with our ravishing selection of indoor and outdoor rugs, keep your home cosy year-round with draught excluder cushions, or open your door to friendly faces with our charming novelty door stops.

Not sure which home fragrance will set your heart aflutter? Don’t worry, our inspiration blog is full of useful guides and behind-the-scenes secrets that make those tough decisions a whole lot easier. Our home fragrance introductory guide gets you acquainted with the full collection, while our behind-the-scents guide reveals how we made it. Once you’ve picked your fragrances, check out our guide to scent-scaping your home for expert advice on how to use them.

how to use home fragrance.

So, you’ve got your hands on something from our heavenly home fragrance collection, but how should you go about using it? Whether you’ve opted for a classic scented candle, a handy room spray or a low-maintenance reed diffuser, it’s important to know how to get the most out of your home scents.

Scented candles are some of the most popular home fragrance products, creating a long-lasting aroma that easily spreads through larger spaces. Their gentle glow is great for creating that cosy night ambience, whether you’re snuggled up on the sofa or relaxing in the bath. Place them on heatproof surfaces in larger areas like the living or dining room, and you’ll have a strong ambient aroma that fills your space with sweetness.

Reed diffusers are the ultimate low-maintenance solution to all your home fragrance needs. Simply pop them on a sturdy, level surface, insert the reeds and enjoy up to twelve weeks of irresistible aroma. They’re great for spaces like the living room or bathroom, where long-lasting scents that linger sweetly in the background are best suited.

If you’re looking for a convenient home scent that can sweeten up your home in seconds, our room sprays might be the best choice for you. Just a quick spritz is all that’s needed to freshen up any corner of your home, from your bedding to the bathroom and beyond. They’re quick and effective – great for layering up with the more ambient fragrance from candles and diffusers.