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Ready Made Curtains

draw your space together with stunning ready made curtains.

Whether you’re looking to shade your space in style or keep the chill out through winter, curtains are the ultimate functional accent. Choose from a variety of designs in our ready made curtains collection - from quaint country florals to lustrous crushed velvet and classic check motifs, all available in a stunning range of muted and bright hues. Shop the collection.

Can’t find your size? Check out our range of made to measure curtains.

With thermal blackout curtains that’ll keep you snoozy and snug, sheer and breezy options for the living room, and stain-resistant fabrics that are ideal for the family home – we’ve got ready made curtains to suit every space and style. Go with neat pencil pleat headers for a smart, traditional look, or keep things sleek and modern with our stainless steel eyelet options.

Dread DIY? Check out our full range of curtain measuring guides for simple, step-by-step advice on finding the perfect fit.

Ready Made Curtains


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Open your space up to new styling possibilities with our splendid selection of ready made curtains. From sumptuously smooth crushed velvet to traditional check patterns, classy jacquard weaves to charming ditsy florals – we’ve got curtains to suit all flavours of interior taste.

In need of new curtains but not sure where to start? Head over to our helpful inspiration blog for a full spread of expert guides and style advice. We’ve got individual, specific buying guides for ready made, made to measure and blackout curtains alike, as well as a full selection of handy curtain measuring guides.

how to choose ready made curtains.

Whether you’re looking for privacy, darkness, insulating warmth or just a touch of style – our ready made curtains are the ideal multipurpose accessory. Our 100% blackout curtains are every light sleeper’s dream, using 3 pass technology to completely block out light and winter chills, while preventing any precious warmth from escaping. They’ve even got noise-reducing qualities, meaning a peaceful night’s sleep is only ever a curtains’ close away. Don’t need blackout? We’ve got plenty of other options that will suit your style. 

Curtain sizing might not sound like a big deal, but it can be the deciding factor in how a space ends up looking. We’ve got an extensive range of ready made curtain sizes to choose from, designed to neatly and seamlessly fit in most window spaces. 

Our elegant pencil pleat curtains feature tightly gathered headers and flowing folds of fabric that fit beautifully in sophisticated, traditional spaces, while our stainless steel eyelet curtains are perfect for the contemporary home.

how to measure for ready made curtains.

Few things in life are as soul-destroying as sneaky gaps, ends that fall short and shoddily-fitting curtains. You’ll save yourself a lot of time, energy and money by putting extra attention on the measuring process, and reading through some expert guides that make the process smoother. We’ve already got detailed guides on measuring for eyelet and pencil pleat ready made curtains, so check those out for an in-depth breakdown.

Our pencil pleat curtains can be hung on any pole or track, but you’ll need to use curtain rings if going with a pole. Our eyelet curtains cannot be hung on a track, so you’ll need a curtain pole of up to 28mm (2.8cm) in diameter for the ideal fit.

pencil pleat + pinch pleat ready made curtains.

The number one thing to remember when fitting any type of curtains is that you are not simply measuring the size of your window. Your curtains will be hung from a pole or track, so that’s what you need to measure. If you’re measuring a pole, make sure to exclude any decorative ends, or ‘filaments’ from your measurements. The length of the pole or track will be the width of your curtains.

Once you’ve found the width, it’s time to settle on your preferred length or ‘drop’. If you’re using a curtain track, start your measurement at the top of the track. If you’re using a pole, measure from the centre of your curtain rings’ eyelets. Short curtains should drop either 1cm above or 15cm below the window sill, and are an ideal option for busy homes with muddy paws and messy little ones. Floor length curtains should graze the floor or drop a few centimetres above it. If you’re going with velvet curtains, another heavy fabric or simply want a more luxurious look, add 10-20cm onto the floor length for a cascading puddled effect.

eyelet ready made curtains.

Our eyelet curtains cannot be hung on a track. As the stainless steel eyelet holes have a diameter of 40mm (4cm), you’ll need a curtain pole with a maximum diameter of 28mm (2.8cm) to ensure a flush fit. Measure the curtain pole from end to end, making sure to exclude any decorative filaments on either side. This measurement will be the width of your curtains.

Once again, the next step is deciding on your preferred drop. Start your measurement from the top of your curtain pole, where the eyelets sit, and measure down to either a short length, floor length or puddled drop. If your window is above a radiator, consider going for a shorter length and leaving a gap of 2-3cm to ensure no heat escapes behind your curtains.