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Animal Wallpaper

immerse your space in nature with our animal wallpaper.

From exotic snapshots of safari wildlife to homely pastoral designs, our varied range of animal wallpaper brings the inspiring effect of nature right to the heart of your décor. Add some tropical glamour to your space with vividly bright colour schemes, or ground yourself in the natural tranquility of our muted shades. Shop the collection today.

Our entire animal wallpaper range is entirely paste-the-wall – a mess and stress-free application process designed to be forgiving of mistakes. Be confident in your choice with our handy £1 wallpaper sampling service, available across our entire range. Not sure how much wallpaper you’ll need? Avoid over or under-ordering with our easy-to-use wallpaper calculator, available on each product page. Giving your space a brand-new look has never been so easy!

Animal Wallpaper


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Our selection of animal wallpaper is entirely paste-the-wall, meaning the days of messily soaking your wallpaper and waiting while it dries are a thing of the past. Simply apply the paste to the wall, spread the wallpaper on top and voila – you’ve got yourself a brand-new look. It’s ideal for beginners as the wallpaper can be easily moved and adjusted, so no need to panic if you don’t get it perfect first try. If you fancy another change down the line, our wallpaper is a breeze to remove – simply peel it off!

It's also durable, non-fading and easily spot-cleaned – ideal for busy spaces and family homes. 

Want to know more? Our handy how to wallpaper guide takes you through the entire process, from what you’ll need to the method itself, as well as answering some common wallpapering questions. 

how to style animal wallpaper.

Dating back to the stone age when animal hides and hand-carved drawings were used to adorn prehistoric dwellings, animal designs have always played a major role in how we style our homes. Known today as a bold and playful stylistic choice that can really add some drama to a space, animal designs continue to defy trends and maintain a timeless quality. 

Our collection of animal wallpaper spans every corner of the wildlife kingdom. From daring jungle-inspired tiger and snake patterns, to comforting illustrations of familiar domestic birds – we’ve got animal wallpaper to fit any and all interior styles. 

Often a daring and eye-catching choice, animal designs are a perfect fit for more maximalist-inspired looks. Our dazzling, exotic animal wallpaper designs will give your space a bold vibe from the outset, and are sure to leave a lasting impression. For an island-inspired tropical look, go for a snake or tiger wallpaper pattern and accent with some vibrant floral cushions

If you want to explore the more glamorous side of animal designs, why not try your hand at a Hollywood regency-style look. Not for shrinking violets, Hollywood regency is all about over-the-top luxury and opulent décor. Go for the boldest and most refined animal wallpaper that takes your fancy, and pair with audacious accents like plush velvet cushions and a shiny metal mirror

There’s always the option of toning down your animal wallpaper too, if you’re more of a minimalist. Look for a subtle and pastoral-style bird wallpaper in a muted hue, and couple with some natural wooden lights or a wooden mirror for a peaceful modern country style. 

Still stuck? Our handy wallpaper buying guide covers everything from wallpaper types to designs, application methods and more!