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Blue Wallpaper.

bring the calming hue of blue into your interiors.

Discover our collection of blue paste-the-wall wallpaper. Blue is a calming colour, used around the world and throughout time, perfect for your home. Whether you’re looking for teal, dark blue or navy wallpaper, you’ll find a range of beautiful patterns with us. From powder rooms to bedrooms, there’s nowhere blue won’t work. Browse the collection today. Not sure which one is the wallpaper for you? Our sample service means that you can purchase a sample across the full range of wallpapers. If you’re not sure how much you need for your space, our wallpaper calculator will help you estimate the amount you’ll need. Get started on your transformation today!


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Our blue paste-the-wall wallpaper is perfect for newbie decorators. To hang it, all you have to do is apply the paste to the wall (we find a roller is best for this job) and pop the wallpaper on the wall. Compared to traditional ‘paste-the-paper’ wallpaper, it’s easier and quicker to work with – ideal if you’ve never hung wallpaper before.

All our wallpaper is durable, wipeable and hard-wearing, so you don’t have to worry (too much) about sticky little hands.

Not sure if this is the right wallpaper for you? Our handy wallpaper buying guide will tell you everything you need to know, from design types to matching patterns. 

how to decorate with blue wallpaper.  

For a timeless look, blue and white is a perennial favourite. It’s an incredible versatile pairing, with the calming vibes of blue combining with the freshness of white for a crisp, serene look. Lighter blues with white pair for a cool aesthetic – whether it’s through pattern, stripes or colour blocking – perfect for a room that gets lots of warm, afternoon light.

Bedrooms in particular lend themselves well to the relaxing feel of blue and white. Fresh, white bedding looks so inviting when paired with blue wallpaper, blue cushions and textural cotton throws. But it doesn’t have to all be calm and collected – inject a bit of pattern with floral or animal patterns and layer on the prints in your bedding, cushions and artwork. A maximalist’s dream.

For a rich, vibrant look, turquoise, teal and other blues with a warm undertone work well with grey. Make it moody with teal and a dark, charcoal grey or bright and bold with turquoise and a light grey or even a lavender tone. Pair with caramely tones like our brown throws or rusty oranges like in some of our orange cushions.  

Prefer a bit of luxury style? Our bee deco collection wallpaper in blue is the perfect choice. Accented with gold, you can build on this luxe aesthetic with plush materials like velvet footstools and jacquard curtains. Hardware like gold mirrors and marble table lamps only amp the opulence up. Perfection.