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Boho Wallpaper

add some bohemian chic with our boho wallpaper.

Redesign your rooms with our beautiful collection of boho wallpaper. Available in a range of bold and eclectic designs, add global animal and floral prints to your walls. If time’s not on your side or you’re new to wallpapering, you don’t need to worry – all our boho wallpaper is paste-the-wall which means it’s quick and easy to apply. Shop the collection. With so many boho wallpapers to choose from, it can be tricky making up your mind. That’s why we provide a sample service across our full range which you can add to your bag for just £1. So, whether you’re adding boho to the living room, bathroom or hallway walls, you can try before you buy. Find out how much wallpaper you’ll need with our handy usage calculator.

Boho Wallpaper


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The boho trend is all about incorporating global, artistic, natural and colourful elements into the home – and with our collection of boho wallpapers, you’re sure to adorn your walls with just that.

Whether you’re looking to cover the whole room in boho wallpaper, or you just want to create a feature wall, look no further. Our hardwearing boho wallpaper comes in a range of modern patterns, colours, and textures to transform your interiors.

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With a breadth of breathtaking designs to choose from – transform your rooms into a bohemian paradise. In our eclectic and eye-catching range, you’ll find everything from beautiful botanicals, exotic animal prints and floral blooms.

Simply bursting with colour, our boho pattern wallpaper comes in a variety of stunning colourways. Make a statement and browse beautiful shades including trendy teal, blush pink, mustard yellow and vibrant coral. And with non-fading features, your wallpaper will stay looking bright and newer for longer – even if it’s hung opposite a window that gets loads of sunlight.

wallpaper features.

Choosing the perfect wallpaper isn’t an easy task. Are you stuck between a few wallpapers? Don’t worry, you can try before you buy! We offer a sample service across the full range which you can add to your bag for just £1.

If you’re new to wallpaper or don’t have too much time on your hands to decorate, all our boho wallpaper is paste-the-wall, making it super easy and quick to apply. And if you ever fancy switching up your look, it peels straight off the wall. Figure out how much boho wallpaper you’ll need for your walls with our handy usage calculator.

An ideal choice for a busy bohemian family life – with kids who love crayons, muddy pawprints and soil from houseplants – you’ll be glad to know our boho wallpaper can be easily sponged clean.

In love with wallpaper but need some more advice? Check out our wallpaper buying guide for extra info on which wallpaper is best for you.

To incorporate the boho trend all over the home with throws, cushions, bathmats and more, shop our full boho range.

how to style boho wallpaper.

A room with boho wallpaper will be bright, bold and effortless – and there’s a myriad of ways to accessorise. Because the bohemian trend is all about mixing unconventional colours and patterns, you really can’t go wrong.

Hang up quirky art prints and rattan or bamboo mirrors to bounce light around the room. Include wall trinkets from your travels and plants in macramé hangers to complement and contrast with your chosen boho wallpaper.

Boho table lamps and strings of fairy lights are an ideal choice to accentuate the patterns in the boho wallpaper, whilst adding depth and an ambience to the room. For more inspiration, check out our blogpost on how to get the boho festival feel at home all year round.