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How to get the boho festival feel at home

From eye-catching cushions to tasseled throws – here’s how you can add a boho twist to your interiors for that euphoric festival feel at home.

Boho home décor is relaxed, eclectic and colourful. It’s a really easy style to bring into your home and to make personal to you. Whether you’re focused on the bathroom, the bedroom or the living room, our guide is filled with tips to help you embrace this laidback style.

what is boho home décor?

Boho is short for bohemian. It’s a term that began in the early 19th century to define people living a wandering lifestyle full of art and individuality.

It’s now evolved into a breathtaking trend you can incorporate into your home. Boho style décor is all about letting your hair down – effortlessly mixing patterns and materials. Think eclectic prints, layered textures and natural earthy tones with little pops of colour.

Boho décor is relaxed and free-spirited with an unconventional, artistic edge.


carefree comfort.


left, photo credit: @ahousetomakeourhome  | products: boho cotton tufted throw multicoloured , blume cushions in blush, natural and ochre. | right, photo credit: @interior_mama_ | products: romilly beige tasselled throw in natural/ochre

Transform your sofa-scape into a lovingly mismatched boho dream.  

A throw draped over your sofa or armchair will add an oh-so boho feel to your living room. It’s that simple. A tasseled fringe or tufted texture, an autumnal block colour or ethnic inspired pattern – there are so many options for getting the laid-back look.

A throw won’t only add depth and layers to your home, it’ll also be there to snuggle up in when it gets cold. Go for a chunky woven knit in the winter and something a little lighter like cotton in the summer.

And it doesn’t stop there, plump up and say hello to boho cushions. Contrasting patterns and textures will work well to bring that iconic and eclectic aesthetic together, as well as different shapes and sizes.

Express your personality and go wild with carefree layers of luxury velvet, tufted textures and floral prints. Not only will they complete the boho look but will add copious amounts of comfort for you to sink into. After all, that’s what the bohemian lifestyle is all about.


drift off to sleep under a starry sky.


left, photo credit: @missbethany.b products: ashram eye cushion in monochrome , ecuador cushion in natural , ecuador cushion in emerald , cotton tufted throw in ochre | right, photo credit: @michelle_elia_brown products: botanist duvet cover set in russet , orson tufted cushion in ecru , boucle knot fleece cushion in saffron , jakarta tufted throw in pecan

Is your bedroom feeling a little lifeless? Boho bedding is a quick and easy way to elevate your bedroom into a beautiful boho dream.

The boho style is all about nature and embracing different cultures – keep it natural with floral or butterfly print or go global with inspired geometric designs.

A reversible set like our celestial constellation duvet cover means you can reimagine your boho bedroom as the seasons change (or whenever you fancy, really!). Rock the lighter colour during the warmer months and introduce the darker tones as the colder months roll in, all while sticking to the boho theme.

Pile on the cushions and the throws for all the added texture, warmth and cosiness!


boho your bathroom.


photo credit: @gingerhearts | products: theia abstract bath mat in pecan , theia abstract eye towel in ivory, pecan and ochre , atlas global tufted cushion in brick

Whether you’re looking to overhaul the entire room or just swap out your accessories, it’s easy to add a bit of boho to your bathroom.

Tiles are a good place to start when thinking about updating your bathroom to boho. Adding paisley or geometric tiling around your shower, tub or sink, or even the floor, will add masses of texture and depth.

Or what about a feature wall? Reimagine your bathroom with a boho wallpaper in exotic animal or tropical print to gaze at whilst you soak.

A boho bathroom isn’t complete without a boho bath mat. Cosy into the colours of nature and indulge your feet with vibrant yet earthy tones. We’re talking ochre yellows, sage greens and pecan oranges for maximum boho chic vibes.  

You could go for tassels or opt for pom poms – they’ll work great in creating a soft and playful feel to your bathroom, whilst keeping your floor nice and dry.

Don’t forget towels! Max out with a boho inspired towel set in a contrasting colour and abstract print to add big boho energy.


plants please.


left, photo credit: @missbethany.b | products: beige cotton tufted throw in ochre , ecuador cushion in natural , manyara leopard cushion right, photo credit: @willowrosecoggins | products: dune cushion cover in black and ochre , sundown woven throw in natural

If you want it boho, you can’t go wrong with bringing the outdoors indoors. Create an urban jungle by filling your home with loads of houseplants in macrame hangers and ceramic pots.

They’ll help to boost your mood, bring new dimension and shape to the room, as well as absorb extra moisture that lingers in the air, so make sure you pop one or two in the bathroom.

House plants are also a great way to fill up any empty space you might have on tables or shelves.

Plants like the Heart-Shaped Philodendron and the Maranta plant are not only totally gorgeous but trailing too, making them perfect for those higher spots in your home.

If you can’t seem to keep a plant alive no matter what you do, think about introducing faux plants instead and allow the boho to blossom without any extra work on your part.


get the boho glow.


left, photo credit: @emmas_hygge_home | products: kamjo tufted cushion in linen and rust , kericho cushion in monochrome, jakarta tufted throw in natural right, photo credit: @its_all_about_the_house | products: boucle knot fleece cushion in ecru , contra velvet cushion in olive

Set the mood with soft, ambient lighting. It’s vital in creating a glorious boho feeling, so a lamp or two definitely wouldn’t go amiss in any room.

Table lamps are especially important in maintaining the mellow mood in the autumn and winter months. They add much needed warmth when you want to turn the harshness of bigger lights off and turn the cosy boho feels firmly on.

By introducing organic elements into the home with table lamps, not only will you get light, but gorgeous texture too. Think glazed, ceramic bases in earthy tones to create a gorgeous hand-crafted feel. Or shimmering, metallic bases in colours like silver and bronze to add a natural gleam in the evening.

Easily add illumination to your rooms and light some scented candles in natural, floral scents for a glow that smells divine.

A large, statement mirror is an ideal way to open up a smaller space into a boho paradise. Mirrors bounce light around a room and add much needed depth to darker rooms.

Natural materials like rattan or bamboo provide a rustic warmth and texture to get that bohemian décor feel. Experiment with unconventional shapes and styles of mirror, like our hand-crafted rattan Eyeshaped Wall Mirror.


take it outdoors.


photo credit: @dakotacottage | products: romilly tasselled throw in blush , mynu jute cushion in natural , godi jute cushion in natural , rain shadow cushion in red clay , mini inka cushion in natural

No matter whether you have a big sprawling garden or a cute little patio, with a little bit of imagination, you can turn it into bohemian bliss with ease.

String up garlands of fairy lights or wrap them around trees to amplify the atmosphere. They’ll add a warm, festival-feel and twinkle as the sun sets.

Get green fingered and plant flowers and herbs in terracotta or patterned pots.

Cuddle up or make a blanket fort with fleecy throws aplenty. Layer an array of outdoor cushions and rugs to add comfort and warmth to your garden.

Think rustic wooden tables or bistro sets in a statement colour. Topped with mismatched vintage crockery, you’ll create the ultimate boho picnic or outdoor dinner party for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

A teepee tent for you and the little ones is also an ideal boho addition to your outdoor space! Dress the doorway with geometric bunting and pack it with patterned pillows, cushions and blankets for the utmost cosiness.


So, what are you waiting for? Your boho haven is waiting to be created. If you’re looking to change up your space and regain that precious festival feeling, look no further - explore our collection of boho furnishings today.



header image products: tocorico toucan duvet set in natural , rattan weave wall mirror