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add mood and ambience with scented candles.

Sit back and take it easy with one of our deliciously scented candles. In low lighting, our candles are the perfect way to add a cosy mood and ambience to your home. Inspired by our renowned furn. designs, the heavenly fragrant notes emitted from the candle’s wax will help you unwind and relax.When using your candle make sure you light the wick carefully at an angle to prevent injury. Replace the lid once the candle is not in use and has cooled. Keeping the lid on your candle will ensure the wax is clean and free of dust!


candles at

Our candles are housed in a stunning minimalist glass with a wood top lid. Discover coordinating reed diffusers and room spray in a visually stunning pack and display. Or why not grab them all as a bundle? There is a delicious scent for every home!

how to burn a candle evenly. 

Ever wondered how to stop a candle from tunnelling? It’s pretty simple and begins from the moment you first light your candle!

Always burn your candle in an upright position on a stable, heat resistant surface. If your candle is on an uneven surface, it is at risk of burning disproportionately. The wicks in our candles are made from a natural fibre cotton and have been straightened to ensure a clean, even burn.

Once you have lit your candle, wait until the entire top layer of the candle has melted before blowing out the flame. Failure to do so will create a tunnel in the middle of your candle with excess wax left around the sides. Our candles can be burned up to 40 hours in total. When a candle tunnels, the total burn time reduces as there is wasted wax around the edges that the flame cannot melt. 

Do not burn your candle for more than 4 hours at a time. 

what is candle wax made of?

Our scented candles are made from paraffin wax. This is a by-product of paraffin which is a clear solid obtained from petroleum. Naturally, paraffin is odourless but don’t worry, we have added in some heavenly scents to make your home smell beautiful.

can you recycle candle jars?

Our candles are contained in glass jars. Once your candle is completely burnt and finished, the glass jar can be emptied and recycled. Or why not find another useful purpose for our candle jars? As they feature a wooden top lid, you can clean your jar and use it as storage. Perfect for cotton pads and buds or trinkets and jewellery, take a sustainable approach and find a second use. 

It is important to know how to clean candle jars carefully. If your used candle contains hard wax residue at the bottom of the jar, here is how to remove it…

Without using any heat, try and scrape as much of the harden wax out of the candle jar with a utensil. A spoon would be ideal opposed to a knife or other sharp cutlery as this can scratch and damage the glass. 

If this doesn’t remove all the wax, place the candle jar on a protective surface such as a tea towel. Add hot water to the jar leaving an inch of space at the top (do not use boiling water). Leave the jar to sit and sure enough the water will melt the candle wax and cause it to float to the top. Remove the wax and rinse your jar with warm water and soap.