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Reed Diffusers

Create a heavenly aroma with scented reed diffusers.

Add gorgeous fragrant notes to your home with deliciously scented reed diffusers. Not only are our reed diffusers heavenly in scent, but they are also low maintenance and can contribute a constant fresh smell to your home without any upkeep. Our reviving reed diffusers can also be added to your home as a small touch of décor for a minimalist look.No need to buy everything separately! Our reed diffusers include a glass vessel that contains fragrance oil as well as the reed sticks that will diffuse the scent. 

Reed Diffusers

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Our refreshing reed diffusers are housed in a stunning minimalist glass. Discover coordinating candles and room sprays in a visually stunning pack and display. Or why not grab them all as a bundle? There is a delicious scent for every home!

how do reed diffusers work?

Reed sticks are inserted into a glass bottle which contains a heavenly scented diffuser oil. The reeds simply soak up the fragranced oil and emit the scent around your home. 

Although the fragrance oil in our reed diffusers is not corrosive or toxic, it does contain a solvent that can dissolve paint or polish. Please avoid contact with skin and the surfaces in your home. 

how to use a reed diffuser. 

Reed diffusers are a great way to introduce delicious scents to your home that require little to no maintenance. Make sure the glass bottle is in an upright position and remove the stopper. Simply add the reed sticks inside and place the reed diffuser into your room of choice. Reed diffusers are great décor accessories and can be placed on windowsills, mantels, shelving units and coffee tables. For optimum levels of fragrance, rotate the reeds once a week and do not place them directly onto surfaces or fabrics. With no heat or attention required, our reed diffusers are the simplest way to add a heavenly aroma to your home. 

are reed diffusers safe for pets and children?

Although the aroma emitted from our reed diffusers is safe to breathe in by you and your animals, we advise to keep them out of reach of children and pets. Like all home fragrances, the oil housed in our reed diffusers is a flammable liquid. We recommend keeping them on a high shelf or in a room where they cannot be reached by your children, cats or dogs.   

how long do reed diffusers last?

Approximately, a reed diffuser will last between 2-3 months. The lifespan of our reed diffusers will vary depending on the surrounding environmental conditions. To prolong the fragrance’s lifespan, we recommend keeping your reed diffuser away from sources of heat and avoid direct sunlight.