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Classic Peter Rabbit™ collection.

‘Once upon a time there were four little Rabbits, and their names were Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-tail, and Peter'

Step into the world of Beatrix Potter. Peter rabbit in Mr McGregor’s garden hopping from one patch to the next will capture and pull you right back into the heart of Classic Peter Rabbit. The prints in this collection feature original illustrations paying tribute to his love of carrots and mischievous adventures!A quote from the designer - "When I was little, there used to be rabbits in my grandpa’s vegetable patch nibbling at his cabbages and carrot tops. When I was designing this print, it took me back to being young and spotting their little cotton tails as I ran out to see them"

Classic Peter Rabbit™ collection

classic Peter Rabbit™ at

Take a trip down memory lane and relive your childhood nostalgia with classic Peter Rabbit illustrations that have been beautifully brought to life. This collection is timeless, making it perfect for any modern home.

where is Beatrix Potter from?

Beatrix Potter was born and raised in South Kensington which at the time was a semi-rural part of London. She spent many holidays in Scotland and the Lake District where she developed a love of the countryside, florals and woodland animals. In 1905, she purchased a farm in the Lake District which was the first of many. Her aim was to preserve the unique country landscapes. When she passed in 1943, she left most of her property to the National Trust and she is now credited with preserving much of the land.

how many books did Beatrix Potter write?

In total, Beatrix Potter wrote 30 books including 23 children’s tales, most of which she illustrated herself. The Tale of Peter Rabbit was first published in 1902 and has since grown commercially into a much-loved timeless character. Our stunning collection is inspired by her very first tale which is now considered a classic. The illustrations are taken from the original book and interwoven with carefully selected modern silhouettes of flora and fauna to enhance a rich and enchanting landscape.