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Fleece Sofa Throws

snuggle up and get cosy in our beautifully soft fleece sofa throws.
You haven’t experienced real comfort until you’ve wrapped yourself up in one of our fleece sofa throws. Whether you’re looking for a muted grey or natural throw, or something eye-catching like ochre or red, we have no doubt you’ll find something soft and snuggly to cuddle up on the sofa with. Shop the collection.Don’t be deceived by the lightweight teddy material that these sofa throws are made from. They might be light, but we can guarantee that they don’t compromise on warmth. With wintery patterns and ribbon-wrapped sherpa fleeces, you’ll be all set for the colder months. Our fleece throws for sofas are also perfect for decoration no matter what the weather.

Fleece Sofa Throws


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If it’s warmth and texture you’re after, you’ve come to the right place. Our fleece sofa throws are made with hardwearing polyester to create a luxurious heavyweight fleece fabric, perfect for busy households and messy eaters.

No matter the colour scheme of your home, we’re sure to have a fleece sofa throw to match. Browse our winter blues, autumnal reds, fresh greens and sunny yellows ready to add an extra dimension to your sofa.

With such a wide range of patterns, you can have a fleece sofa throw for every season and every occasion! 

how to style a fleece throw.

Styling your throw, without it looking like you’ve just rolled out of bed, seems to be a gift that only influencers and models possess. Well, no longer! 

A popular way to show off your fleece sofa throw is to have it folded neatly over your couch. Fold your throw lengthways and drape over the back of the sofa, placing it on one side and letting it drape over the seat. This is a great way to add an extra layer without concealing your sofa, and places your throw nearby so you don’t have to get up to get warm!

A subtle, but effective way of folding your fleece sofa throw is to hang over arm of sofa. Again, fold your throw lengthways and let it hang off of the side. This is great for comfort (and messy eaters) and doesn’t get in the way when you want to sit back and relax.

If your sofa is home to giddy pets, jumping kids and lounging adults, you may not want to keep your throw on the sofa all the time. If you struggle keeping your fleece sofa throw neatly folded, keep them tucked away in a basket by your sofa. Buy an enclosed ornament-looking basket for a comfy surprise when opened, or an open basket so you can still show off your lovely throw. 

But of course, the best way to showcase your throw, is to be snuggled up in it as much as possible! 

For more ideas and tips, read our guide on how to use throws around your home.

how to wash a fleece throw.

Although your fleece sofa throw is super durable, washing it incorrectly can cause damage or make it lose its softness. Make sure to take good care of your new purchase and read the care instructions on the label to help you enjoy your throw for as long as possible.

Always wash on a gentle setting with cool water to avoid knots and shrinkage. We would also suggest washing your throw only with other items of the same material to avoid any pulls. To avoid a build-up of stickiness, use a small amount of detergent and stay clear of bleach.

As with most of our throws, we suggest to line dry these fleece sofa throws to avoid curling and shrinkage of the fibres from heat.