How to: Use throws around your home


Throws are an easy way to add accents of colour and texture to your home whilst providing an extra layer of comfort and warmth. Our throw collection includes a wide variety of designs; perfect for any room in your home. With such a large selection to choose from, we are certain you will find a throw to suit your style and interior décor. But how exactly do you use throws around your home and where do you use them? We have created this handy guide to give you some throw styling inspo!

Drape over your furniture

Throws are a perfect way to add texture and dimension to your furniture.  Whether you fold them neatly or simply throw them without a care, they are an effortless way of accessorising your home. Using a throw is a great way to create statement areas throughout your home. A bold pattern or distinctive texture will never go amiss and will always catch the eye of your guests. If you're tired of your dull coloured furniture or bored of the same old fabrics in your home, why not jazz them up with a throw and introduce some new colours and detailing. You could even cover some marks or scuffs that are too stubborn to fix (we won't tell if you don't!) Throws are a must-have home accessory as they compliment other tones in the room, such as cushions and rugs, which brings the whole look and colour scheme together. 

@Zephs_house effortlessly styles our Inka African Inspired Tufted Throw in Grey/Ochre | Cushions featured are Junglo 100% Recycled Cushion in Multicolour and Halmo Cushion in Moss



Layer your bed

Throws are key for enhancing the layers on your bed. If you have chosen a subtle duvet cover, you now have the opportunity to select something bright and bold. But if you have a more daring duvet set that acts as the feature of the room, why not opt for a more neutral coloured throw...

Using throws on your bed is the perfect way to add dimension and if you have them hanging from the side, it can create the illusion of a taller, grander bed frame. And why stick with one? Layering multiple throws together adds to the look of a more lavish and irresistibly cosy bed.  

To read the full article on how to layer your bed, click here.

@halfpaintedhouse layers her bed with our Claybourne Mélange Duvet Set in Blush, Boho Tufted Throw in Ochre, Jewel Throw in Ochre, Cosmo Cushions in Marine Blue and our Jacquard Cushion in Ochre/Blush



Create colour contrasts

Styling bright throws throughout your home is a great way of creating colour contrasts. Opposing colours do not always clash... they can create a pop of vibrancy making your home furnishings stand out even more. This is the perfect way to add character and personality to your home interior.  

These colour contrasts were created by @a_story_of_home using our Bobble Cushion in Brick Red and our Jacko Throw in Natural/Orange 



Cosy up in your garden

Who said your furnishings had to stay inside? Get your throws outdoors! Use them as décor for your garden furniture, picnic and outdoor blankets, or just to cosy up in when catching up with friends and family on those chilly summer nights. Our large variety of throws match lots our outdoor cushions perfectly. Although not intended for outdoor use, if used responsibly and by following the care guide label, our throws can be used as the perfect garden accessory.  

The perfect throw for those breezy summer nights is our Jetta Throw in Brick as styled by @that_overton_house

Keep warm

And of course, our throws offer a practical use too! As an extra layer on your sofa or bed, they will provide added warmth and comfort which makes them the perfect accessory for those cold winter nights. 

(Please note our throws are not specifically designed for children's bedrooms. Please use responsibly.)

Keep cosy and snug with our Boho Tufted Throw in Multi as styled with the Kid's Garden Friends Duvet Set by @interior_mama_
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