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Grey Bath Mats

experience clear-cut comfort with our grey bath mats.

Perhaps the most versatile neutral shade, grey has a unique ability to work in harmony with just about any style or colour scheme. From cool wispy dove grey shades to dark, stormy hues like slate – our collection of grey bath mats explores grey in its entirety. Discover refined tassel detailing, signature abstract patterns, stylish colour blocking and more. Shop the collection today.

All our grey bath mats are made from 100% super-soft cotton, meaning that first step out of the shower is blissfully plush and cosy every time. Our anti-slip design will have you drying off in confidence, and the high-GSM thick fabric means that drips, splashes and puddles are absorbed with ease. Our bath mats are also quick-drying – so stepping out onto a damp or waterlogged mat won’t be a problem.

Grey Bath Mats

grey bath mats at

Featuring the full spectrum of grey in all its pared-back beauty, our grey bath mats range has shades and temperatures to fit any and all interior styles. They’re designed for safety as well as style – with our effective non-slip weave keeping you steady on your feet when things get slippery. Our thick high-GSM fabric is highly absorbent as well as being super-soft, quickly drying to avoid a damp or waterlogged surface. Perfect for greeting your freshly-washed feet with dreamy comfort that’s soft and dry every time – our luxurious grey bath mats collection offers function and style that’s second to none. 

how to style grey bath mats. 

An incredibly versatile neutral – grey doesn’t have to look boring, cold or clinical if you don’t want it to. How you coordinate and contrast with grey in your space will make all the difference, with accents, patterns and lighting completely transforming what mood your grey bath mat will take on. Go warm and inviting with some cosy accent pieces and ambient lighting, or play around with different shades for a monochrome exploration of grey’s full potential. 

Whether it’s down to a focus on function or simple stylistic neglect – the bathroom often gets forgotten about when it comes to interior design and furnishing. Often appearing somewhat cold and clinical, a lot of bathrooms lack soft furnishings and style pieces that would go a long way in making them feel more comfortable and inviting. 

Our plush, cloudlike bath mats are the perfect addition to a bathroom that’s lacking a bit of TLC. Their varied grey shades pair with just about every colour, so don’t be afraid to get adventurous with some accent tones and bright splashes. Bright or patterned wallpaper will take some of the edge off accents like our grey bath mats, while you’ll maintain a sleek neutral look in the finer details. Warm colours like pink, yellow and orange go great with dark grey bath mats, while green and blue pair perfectly with lighter hues. 

Another way to contrast grey and even out the colour scheme of your space is by using natural materials like wood and metallics. Pairing light grey bath mats with a wooden mirror or vanity surface will add an element of inviting warmth to your bathroom, while creating a homely rustic look. 

Cosy-hued metallics like brass, rose-gold and copper will also do wonders for raising the colour temperature of your space. Look for warm tones in metal light fixtures or even gleaming metallic wallpaper to give your bathroom a snug feeling that’ll make your plush grey bath mats feel right at home.