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find statements that stick with our stunning wallpaper range.

Whether freshening your bedroom with a feature wall or bringing shiny marble luxe to your kitchen – your wallpaper should reflect you. We make designs for every style, from fierce animals to sweet meadow florals, dreamy geometrics and soothing plains. Keep it calm with neutral greys and whites – or bring the drama with vibrant saturated tones. Shop the collection.

All our designs are printed on paste-the-wall wallpaper, providing ultimate ease when it comes to applying, adjusting, and stripping. Find out exactly how many rolls you need with our handy usage calculator – available on each product page – then simply paste your wall, hang the paper, and allow it to dry. Not sure which design is right for you? Pop a £1 sample in your bag and enjoy a hands-on experience with our statement range of colours, prints, and textures.



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When it comes to curating a home you love, nothing makes an impact quite like wallpaper. Think of it as the face of your space – pretty, full of character, and likely the first thing your guests will notice.

Our stunning original designs promise to make the perfect impression, whether you’re a motif-obsessed maximalist or craving something quieter. Explore everything from vivid heritage florals to majestic wild animals, luxe marble effects to psychedelic geo patterns, abstract faces and more.

Loving the look of our paste-the-wall wallpaper, but not too confident about doing it yourself? Not to worry! Our inspiration blog is packed with helpful guides and expert design tips that break everything down into easy-to-follow steps. Find answers to all your design and application queries with our in-depth wallpaper buying guide. Once you’ve received your order, check out our step-by-step guide on how to wallpaper.

how much wallpaper do I need?

Not sure how many rolls you’ll need? Don’t worry! Our simple wallpaper usage calculator ensures you won’t end up with tons of waste, or worse – a wall that’s not fully covered.

All you’ve got to do is measure the height and width of your wall – from the tallest and widest points, so you don’t end up with less paper than you need. Pop your measurements into the calculator, et voila! You know the exact number of rolls you’ll need for the job.

how to use paste-the-wall wallpaper.

Easy-peasy to apply, adjust and strip – paste-the-wall wallpaper is a popular choice for good reason. Unlike most traditional wallpapers, there’s no need for pre-soaking with paste-the-wall – meaning greater durability, less sticky mess, and more time spent transforming your space. Since only the wall is sticky (not your paper) it’s also easier to work around obstacles like sockets and other electrical fittings.

Paste-the-wall wallpaper means easier application, less mess, better durability, and a lot less fuss if you need to adjust or completely strip down the line. We’ve got a detailed wallpaper fitting guide on our inspiration page, but keep reading for a breakdown of the key points.

Step 1 – Clean Your Wall

Before you start, your wall needs to be as smooth and clean as possible. If you’re stripping old wallpaper, make sure that no traces of old paste or paper are left behind. Use a steamer or a cloth soaked in hot water, or a stripping solution and knife for stubborn residue.

Step 2 – Position the Pattern

You’ve got two choices for where to start wallpapering – a corner, or a central point. Larger patterns look great when started from the centre, while smaller motifs work better from a corner.

Step 3 – Draw Your Vertical Line

While you might not have noticed until now – walls tend to be wonky! This is why you should never use a corner of your wall as a starting point for hanging wallpaper.

Instead, use a levelling tool (like a plumb-bob, spirit level or laser level) to draw a straight vertical line on your wall. This will be the guide line for your first strip of wallpaper.

Step 4 – Paste the Wall

Using a brush or roller, apply your paste to the surface of your wall. We recommend using ‘Solvite Paste the Wall Wallpaper Adhesive’ with our products. Start at the top and work your way down, pasting parallel to your guide line in thin, even strips.

You shouldn’t paste the entire wall at once, as this will cause the adhesive to dry. Instead, apply the paste in strips that are as wide as the section you’re about to hang, plus about 2cm excess to ensure the seams stick.

Step 5 – Hang Your Wallpaper

The beauty of paste-the-wall wallpaper is that you can hang it straight from the roll, and it’s pretty forgiving if you need to adjust. Once you’ve pasted your first section, it’s time to start hanging. Get up on a ladder, and don’t forget to ask for some help if you need it!

Starting at the top, position your first strip of wallpaper over the paste, parallel to your guide line. Work your way down the wall, using a smoother or brush to get rid of any air bubbles. As ceilings can be wonky too, make sure to leave about 5cm of excess paper at both the top and bottom, so you can line them up afterwards.