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transform your home with our beautiful wallpaper designs. 

Brighten your bathroom with a bold pattern and add a bit of luxe to your living room with marble effect – your wallpaper should reflect you. That’s why you’ll find loads of beautiful paste-the-wall wallpaper in our range. From relaxed tropical leaf prints to moody gold foil art deco designs, you’re sure to find something you’ll be obsessed with. Browse the collection today. Not sure which one is right for you? Pop a wallpaper sample in your bag for just £1 each and you can decide at home! When you’re ready, our wallpaper calculator will help you estimate how much you’ll need for your room. All our wallpaper is paste-the-wall, which makes wallpapering so much quicker and easier.



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You can find the paste-the-wall wallpaper of your dreams with us. We’ve got everything from abstract faces to pretty floral prints,  all designed to get your heart pounding with joy. You can inject a bit of pattern into your room with our bold feature wall wallpaper designs – we’re talking graphic snakes, elegant trailing flowers, soothing natural palms and even quilted velvet style numbers. 

Looking for a more subtle effect? Our plain wallpaper range has just the thing. Simple but no less luxurious, they’re perfect for adding texture to your room. 

Our wallpaper range is durable, wipeable, and hard-wearing, making it perfect for families.

Need more help? Take a look at our wallpaper buying guide   it'll take you through the different types, designs and application types. 

how to hang our paste-the-wall wallpaper.

Paste-the-wall wallpaper is a quick and easy way to hang wallpaper. Traditional wallpaper expands when it’s wet, so you have to leave it to soak on a pasting table before you can hang it. Our wallpaper is made with a special backing paper, which means that it doesn’t need to be soaked with paste at all. Wallpapering this way cuts down decorating time by half – so you can transform your room in no time at all!

Step 1 – clean the wall

The wall should be as clean and smooth as possible for a lovely even finish once it’s wallpapered. Make sure all paper and any paste has been removed with stripping solution and a stripping knife if needs be. Then, wash the whole wall with hot soapy water and dry off with a clean towel. 

Step 2 – plan your pattern

Patterns should start at a window, working away from it in both directions towards the darkest corner of a room. If you have a central focal point, like a chimney breast or feature wall, your pattern should be centred. 

Step 3 – draw your vertical line

Walls are wonky! That’s why you shouldn’t start from the corner of a wall and work round. Instead, use a vertical plumb-bob and draw a straight line on your wall at your starting point. Then, when you work round to a corner, if it’s wobbly you can just cut it into shape – no one will be any wiser.   

Step 4 – get the paste on the wall

Use a roller (trust us, it’s so much easier) to apply the paste on the wall. Feel free to be quite liberal with it. Don’t paste the whole wall at once though, as it’ll dry out. Instead, just paste a couple of centimetres wider than the wallpaper, that way you won’t get any paste on the wallpaper you’ve just hung when you come to do the second drop. 

When it comes to the top and the bottom of the wall, around plug sockets and light switches, use a paint brush to apply the paste and you won’t see any lifting. 

Step 5 – hang the wallpaper

The beauty of paste-the-wall wallpaper is that you can hang it straight from the roll. Genius. Get up on your ladders and hang it on the pre-pasted wall. Leave a little bit extra at the top so you can trim it exactly (remember what we said about walls being wonky? Applies to ceilings too!). 

Make sure your wallpaper is aligned with the vertical line you drew earlier, and any drops after that, you need to make sure the pattern aligns. Continue until the room or area is complete!

how much wallpaper do I need?

We have a handy wallpaper calculator on each product page, so working out how much wallpaper you need is easy! First, measure the widest and tallest part of the walls you want to wallpaper, then you just have to input the measurements into our calculator – and voila, it’ll tell you how many rolls you need.