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Minimalist Bedding

settle into stylish subtlety with our minimalist bedding.

Serene bed sheets, simple shams and subdued duvet cover sets – our minimalist bedding is the epitome of understated style. From simple stripes and spots to waffle textured cotton, to thick slub linen and soothing abstract patterns – discover sleek minimalist designs in a soft palette of clean neutrals and warming earth tones. Shop the collection.

Whether you’re mad for all things minimalist or simply want to inject your space with the calming forces of subtle design – you’ll find your perfect match in our minimalist bedding sets collection. Snuggle into the softness of high thread count cotton pillowcases, lavish linen duvet covers and thick tufted fabric – beautifully captured in a mellowing minimalist colour palette.

Minimalist Bedding


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Minimalism has become a cornerstone of contemporary decorating, and there’s no room where it shines quite like the bedroom. Everyone wants a bedroom aesthetic that promotes relaxation, and showering your space in minimalist home furnishings is an effective way of getting there. Our minimalist bedding offers the ideal slumberous selection, loaded with dreamy abstract designs, tranquil textured fabrics and soothingly soft colour palettes – guaranteed to have even the most troublesome sleepers dozing off with ease.

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what is minimalist bedding?

While it goes by many names and comes in many different flavours, the basic ideas behind minimalist design are always the same – cosiness, simplicity, and the concept of ‘just enough’ decorating. There’s a big emphasis on never going overboard, but instead decorating spaces with just the right amount of accessories and furnishings.

A quick glance through our collection of minimalist bedding sets is enough to prove that a pared-back aesthetic doesn’t have to be boring or lifeless. Just because minimalism prioritises simplicity doesn’t mean it sacrifices style, and our collection is brimming with stunning patterns and rich earthy hues that’ll fill your bedroom with both style and sleepy vibes. From quality 100% cotton and linen bedding fabrics to snoozy hues and splendid designs, our minimalist bedding is all about finding that sweet spot between function and style.

how to style a minimalist bedroom.

If you’re searching for the secret to a perfect night’s sleep, we’ve already broken it all down over on our blog with our how to create a sleep sanctuary guide. From moody lighting to fine bedding fabrics, we cover all the bases of building the snoozy space of your dreams. 

If you’re sleeping like a baby but simply want to introduce the sleek cosiness of minimalist design, we’ve got some handy tips to help you get there. Like we’ve said, minimalism is all about creating a cosy space that’s simple in every sense of the word. There’s no black and white formula, and where you fall on the minimalist spectrum will mostly depend on your personal taste. However, following these general guidelines will help you get on the right path toward a ravishingly relaxing bedroom aesthetic.

Minimalist decor has developed something of a reputation for being heavily neutral in colour. Icey white appliances, dramatic black drapery and grey laminate countertops pop up everywhere in minimalist homes, but it’s important to remember that you don’t have to stick purely to neutral shades. We’ve got minimalist cushions and throws in all sorts of cosy colours, while still offering that unmistakably pared-back feel.

For the militant minimalists who want to keep colour to a minimum, a great option is to use a variety of textures in your accessories. This will keep your space interesting and full of depth without the need for an overwhelming spread of colour. Layer your minimalist bedding with textured bed cushions like velvet, bouclé or tufted designs in neutral or earthy shades. Frame your space in rich textured wallpaper, and factor in a fleece or knitted throw for the final finishing touch in your textural tapestry.