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Orange Bedding Sets

style your way to a tangerine dream.

Often associated with warmth, spirituality and joy – there’s a lot to be said for adding a dash of orange to your space. Introduce a subtle touch of warmth with our burnt orange bedding, available in rust, ginger and peach hues. Or, let your space burn bright with our selection of dazzling tangerine and coral tones. Shop the collection today.

Is your bedding making you tired, but for all the wrong reasons? There’s no better way to shake off the cobwebs and invigorate a space than with a refreshing splash of orange. If that’s not enough of a transformation, many of our orange bedding sets are reversible, allowing for an effortless change of look the moment the mood strikes you. Made from a selection of crisp polycotton and luxuriously soft cotton fabric, our orange bedding strikes the perfect balance between fresh and cosy. 

Orange Bedding Sets


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Symbolising the bright and bold, orange has certainly not shied away from the limelight throughout history. It’s been seen as a sacred colour in many Eastern philosophies and religions for thousands of years – which you might have spotted in the bright orange robes worn by Hindu and Buddhist monks. From Ancient Greek muses to Roman gods, the colour orange has been worn and adored for generations, and believed to be a symbol of earthly and heavenly love. 

While orange is often associated with heat and seen as a high-energy colour, the moods created by its many hues are incredibly diverse. Combining the intensity of red with the inviting calm of yellow, orange can give you the best of both worlds in terms of achieving a balanced mood. From luminous shades of coral to tranquil burnt hues, our orange bedding collection can be dressed up or calmed down to your liking.

how to style orange bedding sets 

So, how can you bring orange into your place of slumber and have it fit your décor? Surprisingly, it might be easier than you think. Orange can be paired with just about any colour to create a smoothly coordinating or boldly contrasting look. Neutral whites and creams are always a clever option, and pairing these shades with orange is a sure way to create a calming, understated effect. Our floral, geometric and patterned sets are great examples of this, combining gentler orange tones with grounding neutral hues of black and creamy white. This is just one way to maintain a sophisticated contemporary look by stripping back your orange and keeping it low-key.  

For most of us, styling the bedroom is all about creating a tranquil hideaway, where we can unwind and drift off from whatever troubles our day has brought. Orange creates feelings of warmth and joy, and you can find out more about out how our brains respond to different colours with our colour psychology guide. If you’re looking to create a calming effect with your orange bedding, a great method is to pair muted burnt hues with woodland tans and browns. These softer orange shades coordinate with the darker tones in perfect harmony, bringing that cosy autumnal feeling right to your home. Look for burnt orange bedding sets with brown or dark detailing, and pair with textured accents to really flesh out your rustic or natural aesthetic.  

But – who says your orange bedding needs to be tamed or toned down? If you’ve decided to bring orange into your space, there’s no reason why you can’t really go for it and make it pop. A great and easy way to style your orange bedding is by simply adding more orange. The monochromatic look is a fantastic option when you’re working with orange, and its many shades mean that it doesn’t have to look too same-y. Use a mix of shades and textures in your accents to add some depth to the look, and you’ll be well on your way to achieving an eclectic monochromatic décor. 

If you’re eager to embrace orange in all its free-spirited glory, you might want to go for a more boho-inspired look. Bohemian interior design is all about expressing yourself, so feel free to experiment with your choice of colours, patterns and accents. Orange is directly opposite from blue on the colour wheel, so try pairing your orange bedding with aqua or turquoise cushions for an eye-catching bohemian look. This style is also quite grounded in nature, so try adding some natural textures, patterns or houseplants to really drive home that organic vibe. 

Still stumped? Check out our bedding buying guide to explore the finer details of styling orange bedding.