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Pink Outdoor Cushions

bring glamour to your garden with pink outdoor cushions.

Cherry blossom clouds, a splash of rosé wine and glistening rose quartz gems – make your garden blush in the enchanting presence of pink outdoor cushions. Discover rich jungle florals, majestic tropical birds and a whole host of dreamy signature designs. Protect your peace with gentle blush shades, or dial up the drama with a dazzling hot pink. Shop the collection.

Our pink garden cushions are designed right here in the UK, boasting an abundance of lovingly crafted prints to elevate your outdoor space. Their cosy covers are woven from quality 100% polyester, both UV ray and water-resistant for stress-free use in every season. Upgrade your garden sofa with a standard size design, or get snug on any surface with a large outdoor floor cushion.

Pink Outdoor Cushions


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Explore our showstopping selection of pink outdoor cushions, designed to the highest standards of quality, durability and style. Resistant to both water and UV rays, discover the essential outdoor accessories for worry-free comfort no matter the weather. Say goodbye to damp, mouldy and sun-damaged cushions, and embrace the style-saving effects of our weather-resistant polyester weave.

Ready to dive into summer styling but not sure where to start? Swing by our inspiration blog for an impressive spread of guides, design tips and seasonal style advice. Get to know the collection a little better with our outdoor cushions introductory guide, learn how to clean outdoor cushions with our top tips, or give your garden the ultimate makeover with our guide to styling your outdoor sofa.

why go for pink outdoor cushions?

The history of pink is an interesting and conflicted story. As attitudes have developed, the days of pink being seen as a purely feminine hue are long gone, and its true potential as a fun and versatile interior presence is finally being realised.

From pale pastel shades that soothe the soul to bright popping magentas that uplift the dreariest of spaces, our selection of pink outdoor cushions has a shade to suit every style.

how to style pink outdoor cushions.

While pink is seen as a bold statement to make in your decor, it’s certainly not a shade that you should shy away from.  We’ve got plenty of pastel pink garden cushions to bring a sense of calm and warmth to your outdoor space, all while keeping things chic and sophisticated.

Often used as neutrals themselves, softer pink shades pair effortlessly with earthy neutrals like beige and brown. For a clean minimalist look that’s slightly uplifted, layer blush pink outdoor cushions with some plain neutral options on your outdoor sofa, sun lounger or floor. Introduce a neutral outdoor rug or grey throw to tie the look together, and you’ll have a sleek minimalist design that’s playful in its accents. 

If you fancy a brighter shade of pink but don’t want it to overpower your space, try pairing it with white to dial the intensity down a bit. Crisp whites are perfect for desaturating more daring shades, while still giving you all the style and energy that a splash of pink brings. Layer hot pink outdoor cushions with some neutral white options on your outdoor sofa. Couple this with a gleaming white throw, and you’ll have a laidback look that’s effortlessly elegant. The high levels of natural light in your garden or balcony will complement the brighter shades beautifully too – transforming your space into an airy, sun-kissed oasis.