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Plain Outdoor Cushions

keep your summer styling simple with plain outdoor cushions.

Whether you’re dreaming of beach days, picnics in the park or saddling up for summer gatherings, our plain outdoor cushions are the ultimate sunny day essential. Explore a show-stealing range of perfectly plain designs, all beautifully packaged in water and UV-resistant fabric. Sink into stylish neutral shades, or embrace the solar aesthetic with dazzling neon hues. Shop the collection.

Our plain outdoor cushions collection is bursting with stylish holiday hues, from sunny yellows and zesty oranges to neutral tones that exude relaxation. They’re all made with durable UV and water-resistant polyester, designed to weather every outdoor adventure that summer has in store. Sweeten up your garden seating with a standard cushion, or find the perfect seat everywhere you go with a large floor-friendly design.

Plain Outdoor Cushions


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Discover the perfect sunny day accessory with our plain outdoor cushions range. Whether you’re sprucing up the garden, primping the patio or just want some portable plushness for those big days out – we’ve got the perfect solution in this stylish collection.

Our plain outdoor cushions are water and UV-ray-resistant, designed with hard-wearing polyester that’ll take every outdoor adventure in its stride. Durable, versatile and easily portable for those spontaneous summer outings – they’re the ideal choice for no-fuss style you can take on the go.

Need some style inspo? Our inspiration blog is a treasure trove of design tips and handy how-to guides. Keep your plain outdoor cushions looking pristine with our outdoor cushion cleaning guide, or make your garden the perfect place for hosting with our tips on styling your outdoor sofa. Wondering just how durable they are? Get answers to all your maintenance questions with our in-depth ‘are outdoor cushions waterproof?’ guide.

can our plain outdoor cushions get wet?

All our plain outdoor cushions are made with water-resistant polyester, meaning they’re able to withstand showers, spills and splashes without becoming damaged. As they’re not 100% waterproof, we don’t advise exposing your plain outdoor cushions to heavy streams, prolonged showers, or leaving them out in harsh weather conditions.

They’re designed to endure rainfall, accidental spills and splashes from the garden hose – so don’t worry about your plain outdoor cushions coming into contact with water. Just pop them indoors in a clean, dry place once you’re finished using them.

how to store plain outdoor cushions.

No matter how waterproof or water-resistant an outdoor cushion is, it still needs to be stored indoors. Leaving your plain outdoor cushions out in rain, snow or other inclement conditions will eventually cause the inner pad to become damaged, so it’s essential that they’re always brought inside.

The best place to store plain outdoor cushions is in a clean, dry area with plenty of ventilation. An airing cupboard, garage or a clean garden shed is perfect, as long as the fabric is not at risk of becoming wet or damp. During harsher conditions, place your plain outdoor cushions in a waterproof tarp, airtight container, or some protective layer to keep them in the best condition possible. Avoid placing them on the floor, and use shelves, ledges and storage containers wherever possible. Many of our outdoor floor cushions even come with a handy loop of fabric for easy portability, meaning they can be easily hung from a wall when not in use.