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Purple Bedding Sets

create mood and ambiance with purple bedding.

A smooth purple tone in your interiors will create a moody, calm space where you can sit back and relax. Purple bedding will ooze a warm and comforting atmosphere to help you get your head down at night. Discover shades or gentle lilac, deep plum or soft lavender to find the perfect tone for your bedroom.In this collection you will also find irresistibly soft 100% cotton bedding that will last for years to come. Sink into luxurious cotton sateen sheets and feel like royalty yourself. There is a style and composition for every home!

Purple Bedding Sets


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Purple does not follow a conventional stream compared to other colours. It is viewed as a blend of many and may remind you of a dusky sky on an evening. Purple bedding in your home will elude a similar ambiance that can leave you feeling calm and even mesmerised.

what colour walls go with purple bedding.

Although your initial thought is that purple may be a tricky colour to add into your home, you shouldn’t underestimate its incredibly versatile hue. You can create a range of different moods and feelings in your home depending on how you pair your purple bedding with other colours.

Green and purple bedding – Pairing your purple bedding with green décor, accents or accessories such as green cushions or throws can create a traditional style. These bright contrasts of shades will form a classical interior décor scheme that radiates a history within the home. 

White and purple bedding – Adding elements of white into your bedroom, will allow a purple duvet cover set to pop and stand out as a feature in the room. When combined, these comforting colours will establish a peaceful and tranquil escape where you can completely relax and zone out. 

Yellow and purple bedding – Introduce a luxury style to your home. Pairing your purple bedding with a bright yellow or gold tone will elude an extravagant flair fit for royalty.