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Ready Made Pencil Pleat Curtains

draw classic + contemporary together with ready made pencil pleat curtains.

A classic look that can be styled as modern as you like – pencil pleats are the most popular curtain heading type for a reason. The tight fabric folds resemble a line of pencils, bringing about their sophisticated look and peculiar name. Our ready made pencil pleat curtains have designs for every style, from vibrant florals to soft tonal motifs and luxury jacquard designs. Shop the collection.

One of the many benefits of ready made pencil pleat curtains is that they can be hung on both curtain poles and tracks – you’ll just need curtain rings if using a pole. The heading can be adjusted to however tight or relaxed you want it, while its shorter length is ideal for use with pelmets, valances and other decorative window treatments.

Ready Made Pencil Pleat Curtains


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If you’re in search of quality, affordability and designs that’ll suit any interior style – our range of ready made pencil pleat curtains is exactly what you’re after. Our signature designs are hand-crafted right here in the UK, and our ready made sizes are cut to fit the most popular British window measurements. You can easily hang ready made pencil pleat curtains on either a track or a pole, but you’ll need curtain rings if using a pole.

On the lookout for new curtains but not sure where to start? Head over to our inspiration blog for massive selection of helpful how-to guides and design tips. Get off to the best possible start with our curtain buying guide, which explains everything from fabrics and sizes to headings, linings and more. Once you’ve decided on a design, our detailed measuring guides are here to help hang whatever style of curtain you’ve gone for.

how to hang ready made pencil pleat curtains.

Hanging ready made pencil pleat curtains is by no means an impossible task, but it can be tricky and time-consuming if you’ve not got a solid plan. Our ready made pencil pleat measuring guide explains the whole process in detail, but we’ve put together a helpful summary of the key points below.

Firstly, you’ll need either a curtain track or pole installed before you go about hanging any kind of curtain. A huge benefit of our ready made pencil pleat curtains is that they can be hung on either, but you’ll need curtain rings if using a pole. Make sure your track/pole is mounted at least 15cm above your window frame, and extends 15cm past either side. This will ensure your curtains drop from a good-looking height, while giving them plenty of space to open and close fully.

Once your track/pole is installed, measure it from one end to the other to find the width of your curtains. If using a pole, make sure to exclude any finials (decorative ends) from your measurements. For ready made pencil pleat curtains, choose the width which most closely matches that of your curtain pole. If you’re stuck between two sizes, it’s always best to go with the larger one.

That’s your curtains’ width sorted, now let’s move on to the drop/length. You’ve got a few options, and the right one will depend on your personal preference, and whether you’ve got any furniture or a radiator directly beneath your window. Start measuring from the eye of your curtain rings if you’re using a pole, otherwise start from the top of your track.

Measure directly downwards, and keep note of the distance you’d like your curtains to drop. Shorter curtains should drop between 1cm above and 15cm below the window sill, but will need to stop 2-3cm above a radiator if you’ve got one, to prevent heat from escaping. Floor length curtains should drop around 1cm above the floor. If you’re after a luxurious pooled look, add 10-20cm onto the floor length.