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Red Bedding Sets

create a statement with stunning red bedding.

If you want your bed to be the centrepiece of the room, red bedding is the place to start. Whether you’re looking for a clay colour to soften the look, or if you’re ready to go all in with burgundy, we have the perfect shade for you. These hues are available in a fabulous range of styles from traditional to modern and boho to minimalist. Shop the collection.Offering contemporary and luxury looks, our collection features a wide range of materials. Whether you prefer tufted textures, soft cotton percale or stunning printed patterns, we have a red bedding set to suit your style. With a variety of textures just at your fingertips, comfort has never been this easy.

You can expect to find duvet cover sets, pillowcases, shams, and fitted sheets all in a shade of red to help you add the finishing touches to your look.

Red Bedding Sets


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Fierceness, love, and royalty are all commonly associated with red. But no matter what you associate it with, it’s agreed that red commands attention. What better way to bring the spotlight to your bed than with gorgeous red bedding?

Our range of red bedding sets will give your bedroom the oomph that it needs. Choose burgundy to recreate a royal room or choose brick to achieve bohemian bliss. 

Not sure what your style is? Check out our style page to find out.

 how to style red bedding.

Red is a powerful colour and if you’re going to have a red bedroom, you’ve got to do it right. The first step is knowing what colours will pair with your fab new red bedding.

Brown may not seem like an obvious choice, but like chocolate-covered strawberries, they make a delicious pair, and we’re sure you’ll agree. Pairing a neutral brown throw with burgundy will create an expensive, yet cosy feel. Perfect for guest rooms where elegance and comfort are sought after.

You might not be ready to embrace all red yet, and that’s OK. Using pastel blue for an accent will create a calming atmosphere and lessen the intensity of the red.  Adding a powder blue cushion to your red bedding will inject some light into your room whilst also creating depth and interest.

What better place for a romantic setting than a bedroom? To create a bedroom you’ll fall in love with, fill your bedroom with light pinks and whites – placing a heart shaped cushion or two on the bed won’t go amiss either.

Add hints of orange and yellow to your red bedding set and you’ll wake up every morning feeling like you’re in a hot Latin country with a fruity sangria waiting for you (isn’t that the dream?).  And if this fruit bowl of a palette is too much for you, inject some neutral tones such as beige or grey and you’ll be back on cloud nine.